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"Had not worked " two handcart look forward to encounters foreign capital of com
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In August the middle ten days of a month, groups of two handcart shopkeeper Gulliver establish Chinese company formally in Shanghai, this Japan the biggest, whole world the 2nd big two handcart trade the name that business is in China is “ without exception praise ” , this company basically is running way of Japan is two handcart auction, at present it is actively enter two handcart markets of Chinese to prepare.

In fact, gulliver already was not company of the first two handcart foreign capital that enters Chinese market, before it, the beauty of —— of two handcart tycoon with the greatest whole world writings brush the group had been in Shanghai, Shenzhen to hold water to auction a company; With even-numbered days company limited (one of 6 big integrated firms of Japanese) , company limited of malic car network (Japan 3 big two handcart interlink one of enterprises) cooperative Ai Pu is secondhand the car also opened many 50 two handcart to join in in the whole nation inn. Civil / Deng Li

  ” of “ Qian Jing is big but foreign capital be unable to stand

The original intention that these foreign capital tycoons enter China is very simple: The “ cake ” of two handcart markets of Chinese is too big. There are a such selfish calculationses in their heart: Blowout of Chinese auto industry only then 2002, according to the common law that transfers 5 years to 6 years, chinese car history transfer the first times tide has come this year; China is new this year car sales volume more hopeful breaks through 10 million, future is secondhand the ” of “ Qian Jing of car market is to not have more but set limit to.

Include Gulliver, beauty to vast, Ai Pu inside two handcart tycoon enters foreign capital operation mode of China, either in order to auction build up, hope to become the distribute company that crosses region with solid financial resources namely. From company oneself for, these foreign capital companies have mainland two handcart management company is managed in two handcart, auction, evaluate, detect the professional actual strength that waits for a respect. Nevertheless the expert inside course of study expresses, secondhand to Chinese tradition for car market, at present these “ sell bit of ” to be able to 't become foreign capital to overturn however Chinese tradition is secondhand the reason of car market.

These are borrowing " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " the unlock and enters China foreign capital to two handcart right of administration, progress is not at present great. Two handcart are the Ai Pu of the two handcart look forward to that with taking the lead in becoming 2005 home crosses a province the first times exemple, its plan formerly in the whole nation many 300 city establishs 1000 Yu Jiazhi battalion or the grand goal of concessionary management site serious shrink, also extended many 50 site only at present, and be centered in Hua Dong area mostly, business cannot be permeated even trade into the two handcart market such as Guangzhou a list of names posted up of quantity house whole nation the Hua Na area of first.
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