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"Had not worked " two handcart look forward to encounters foreign capital of com
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Can say, although China is secondhand,the foreground of car market and ” of “ cash situation are worth industry to expect very much, but after foreign capital enters China, still need very long breed a process, may not can the be able to stand on the horse. Car of Guangzhou fine heart auctions Zhou Chengceng of central general manager to say to the reporter: “ should overturn domestic tradition is secondhand of car market run mode, still need 3 years longer even. ”

 Company of foreign capital distribute“ does not work to pass company of ” mainland broker

When foreign capital tycoon the purpose pervades two handcart markets of Chinese when, the small-sized broker firm that holds two handcart market principal part of Chinese still survives tenacious, although profit is less and less in last few years, but compare with look of company of foreign capital distribute, they are in of two handcart market live appear cheesy a lot of.

Wagon flow of Guangdong province steam connects association secretary-general Yan Fei to say, on taxation, distribute company business all needs turn over to the higher authorities the duty of 2% , buy sell the tax cost between to be achieved 4% , calculate come down, the gain of a car is very narrow. Although broker company belongs to to trade only the company of intermediary property, but actually, the management property of company of on the market a lot of broker already belonged to ” of “ distribute company on limits. These broker companies that pursueing distribute business however need not pay this charge, compare with distribute company look, quick management way lets live undoubtedly pressure a few is much.

“ 150 thousand yuan or so those who buy is secondhand elegant cabinet, the price that controls according to 160 thousand yuan sells go out, simple hairdressing safeguards eliminate, the charge such as artificial, hire, calculate come down a car can earn 8000 yuan or so. ” is in trade of Hua Na steam mouth of archives of some two handcart, a boss of broker company says to the reporter so. Trade of steam of the An Jun that is in Guangzhou, Bao Lijie, Hua Na many large and secondhand the car trades city, the broker company of this type has thousands of homes.

Two handcart market cake of Chinese are very big, but mostly after foreign capital is entered can console oneself with false hopes. Although “ is secondhand the relevant policy of car market is relaxing ceaselessly, but each district has many going however the regulation makes we cannot base oneself upon. ” occupies Ai Pu chief expresses related two handcart company, although distribute company can have the business of two handcart freely, but plan in the sale of the whole nation that steps area however again and again suffocate suffocate. If be in the place such as Henan, Shandong, they cannot register a branch smoothly. With secondhand the beautiful vasting company that the auction is main management mode, also built a branch in Shenzhen and Shanghai only at present. The idea of two handcart consumption of “ consumer is the another reason of suffocate suffocate of these foreign capital development. ” Guangdong saves steam wagon flow to connect the relevant controller of association to express.
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