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"Had not worked " two handcart look forward to encounters foreign capital of com
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  ” of tripartite attestation is short of “ of two handcart market lose the way that restricts development

Foreign capital enterprise enters China to count on besides brand force, run sincere letter namely. However, “ is secondhand the development bottleneck with car the biggest market is sincere letter crisis, this is an old issue, 9 enterprises can be not changed. ” Yan Fei expresses, two hand car sell before going out, offer without authoritative orgnaization detect and attestation, there is corresponding after service follow-up after consumer buys two handcart, this is to bring about two handcart to trade the most crucial place of sincere letter crisis. She points out, it is early 3 years ago, department of Commerce is promulgated " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " hind, two handcart market is in all the time call system of tripartite attestation. Need of ’ of system of tripartite attestation does not participate in “‘ manage, have the indifferent orgnaization of public letter force. Xu Dong of king of chief inspector of two handcart business shows “51 car, foreign capital enters China to have an advantage most is they are detecting with attestation respect professional, but they cannot become the “ that has authority likewise ” of orgnaization of tripartite attestation, this makes of whole market trade sincere letter cannot perfect.

An Jun is secondhand the car trades Chao Zhidong of company vise general manager expresses, of orgnaization of tripartite attestation detect and attestation needs pay cost, this charge is right trade the two handcart of the type of most small mill of the market for business door, can avoid avoid. The much that manages on “ market is young manager company, capital is original not much, want to let them do this kind of attestation, more difficult. ” has the boss of broker company to think, the main reason that they are not willing to spend money to do attestation is “ of this kind of attestation use ” without what.

As a result of,just is of system of tripartite attestation be short of break, make what trade on Chinese market at present many the quality of two handcart and price conclude hard, directer affect what two handcart after service guarantees a system to carry out. According to Introduction Yan Fei, trade in the two handcart such as Japan market maturity country, orgnaization of tripartite attestation is approbated inside course of study not only, also obtain a country to ask compulsively to carry out at the same time. The two hand car that passed attestation of orgnaization of this tripartite only, ability enters two handcart to trade the market is current trade. And China should accomplish this one step, return shoulder heavy responsibilities. (Deng Li)

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