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4S inn sells two handcart whether become help straw
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Zhang Xufeng is Zhejiang explain the general manager that tells a times not to overcome 4S inn, he is in recently “ is put-up ” an important matter. If this matter is become, he redeems the situation that company profit glides likely, kill a road of a blood to come from this. This important matter, throw namely gigantic endowment manage two handcart, make make the company's new profit point of growth, the hope finds the way of break out of an encirclement from this.

Car business new car sells profit to glide quickly this year, management pressure is greater and greater. Be in current below such big environment, before the circumstances of Hangzhou car business is inferior to greatly, gain ability is be between the beetle and the block, everybody is considering the method of ” of “ break out of an encirclement.

It is more and more difficult to earn upkeep

“ the day this year is very sad, sell a car to had nodded profit without one man, sell so that thanks to morer also more. The situation of 9 months is more grim recently, inventory pressure is greater and greater, sell a car to make money to be being counted on intermediate car, very not actual. ” Zhang Xufeng says. The life of car business is universal this year uneasy, if say before if the 4S inn of 1/3 still can hold gain, so receive go down these 4S inn move toward deficit brim very likely.

“ company still had two last year 3 million yuan profit, this year is earning is to have a deficit to expect very hard. ” Zhang Xufeng discloses to the reporter, because inventory pressure is too great, when selling a car, they had hit the price to the bottom, return profit in what subtract manufacturer is nodded a few times on the foundation of factory price namely. If the operation costing accrual and 4S inn inside if, such price attributes price of lose money in business. Even if is such, the car sells very hard still also, july before half moon, explain the sales volume that opens an era is only at ordinary times half.

Now, most car business is adopting such mentality: Have a deficit on car price a bit, earn on maintenance time. Nevertheless, because car a replacement is united by manufacturer,supply uniform price, relative to rich and generous maintenance profit flows into the pocket of manufacturer for the most part. Car business faces sterner and sterner capital chain test. The “ that happens before half many month is numerous sincere ” incident, it is the outstanding report of this kind of current situation, and car city has new information to be transmitted again recently, hangzhou runs the group company with old car, had been immersed in ” of “ financial crisis, if cannot introduce a partner in time, topple between probable instantly. A variety of interest empty newses, drop in city allowing a car roll about the Zhang Xufeng that climbed 14 years, must worry rises.
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