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4S inn sells two handcart whether become help straw
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If “ does not change management train of thought, flat car business returns meeting more. ” Zhang Xufeng says, present car city prices let him experience chill. Originally hire the inn of a Xue Folan 4S of their company exhibition hall, move suddenly before a few months from, this makes company at a draught prediction of a person's luck in a given year annual many yuan 100 hire, be equivalent to a loss many yuan 100 net profit. Want to change this kind of difficult position, must search new outlet.

Two handcart market is profitable

At that time, zhang Xufeng thought of two handcart, make two handcart give priority to business Wu to do. Actually, before Zhang Xufeng makes this one decision, explain open an era already sortie passes two handcart business. The ‘ that we manage “ Shanghai current authorization sincere new two handcart ’ , we also are being done all the time. Nevertheless, business of this two handcart has a demand to model limits, sales volume has a breakthrough very hard. ” Zhang Xufeng says, “ sincere new two handcart ” basically runs the model below Shanghai current standard, the car that also does not overcome a car to buy at the same time advocate offer two handcart displacement to serve. Last year, the two handcart sales volume of this 4S inn, only 100, basically did not generate profit.

Zhang Xufeng should do two handcart business next, it is to should break through “ apparently sincere new the limits of two handcart ” . According to the plan, want to have sale only, have car cause, the two handcart of whatever brand, he is done. In the meantime, he transforms the exhibition hall that vacates Xue Folan become —— of two handcart exhibition hall this will be the Hangzhou head that builds by 4S inn the home is omnibus two handcart exhibition hall.

Zhang Xufeng thinks, potential of two handcart market is tremendous, should manage only proper certain profitable. According to his tentative idea, the two handcart that buy store through be opposite undertake small long, sell a better price, can generate certain profit. Retain when two handcart the volume rises a certain quantity of hind, still can roll out maintenance service. And what two handcart maintenance and new car maintain is very big differring is, 4S inn can match market freedom to purchase fittings through steam, lower maintenance price greatly while, can assure relatively sizable gain again.

“ is right for us, the scope effect of two handcart is very main. Nevertheless, compare with phase of two handcart market, our advantage is very clear. ” Zhang Xufeng says self-confidently, their advantage depends on can offerring quality to assure to consumer. After consumer bought a two handcart, assure in quality period inside gave an issue, can look for 4S inn to ask to be maintained freely. In addition, the sincere letter consciousness of 4S inn is opposite taller, the two handcart that have major evaluate division and normative program, nonexistent Jew and the thing that hide car condition information.
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