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4S inn sells two handcart whether become help straw
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We want “ to accomplish two handcart 500 this year, the target of next year is 1000. ” Zhang Xufeng expresses.

Apparent, zhang Xufeng must fight with his back to the river-fight to win or die this year, and the victory or defeat of this one battle also will see reason very quickly.

Two handcart are sold whether become help straw

The sale that “ shows to in the market 7 become 4S store is in deficit, the task of new car sale of manufacturer is pressed ceaselessly again come down, 4S inn is necessary to seek new profit point of growth really. ” Zhejiang inferior Lai Xiaojun of general manager of Xin 4S store thinks, explain the way that opens an era, be a kind of such attempt. At present two handcart city of home is in swift and violent dilate period, say from easy all along accordingly, main attack is secondhand car city is right. At the same time the brand advantage of 4S inn clearly, can get the reliance of more consumer, may become secondhand henceforth one of condition of main line of business of car city.

General manager of store of straight 4S of province of Zhejiang of one steam masses Guo Qin Jun thinks, the profit that compares two handcart with new car photograph is considerable, the risk is relatively lesser also at the same time. He says: “ sells a two handcart, it is not difficult that gross profit achieves 3000 yuan, sell a new car to have a deficit 4000 yuan. New car should accept the sales volume job of manufacturer, cannot help doing sth, inventory pressure is very great. Two handcart hold completely however by 4S him inn, buy a quantity to more or less be decided by market situation and capital actual strength, have very large own management space. Come so, won't have too great capital pressure. ”

As a result of the profit that can expect and the venture that can control relatively, car business thinks to manage two handcart, it is 4S inn one of direction henceforth, at the same time also rescue of can yet be regarded as is current the ” of effective prescription of one post “ of predicament.

Manufacturer manner or will be the greatest resistance

The personage inside course of study points out, want to sell new car according to the requirement of manufacturer already, want to dig golden ” in “ of two handcart city again, the practice with 4S inn amphibious of one mind, in have a lot of real difficult problem currently, for instance whether cross manufacturer this closes.

Although many manufacturer accredit agency has business of two handcart displacement, but model limits has strict limit, main purpose is to promote new car sale. Once agency breaks through business of former two handcart displacement, make two handcart the word that gives priority to course of study to manage, whether does manufacturer support, this is an issue that must want a consideration.
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