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4S inn sells two handcart whether become help straw
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The personage points out, 4S inn begins “ to not be restricted after the two handcart business of brand ” , may cause impact to its brand image, cause manufacturer dissatisfaction thereby. Lai Xiaojun thinks however, if two handcart and new car exhibition hall become independent each other, below the circumstance that personnel also becomes independent each other, the influence to former brand actually not big. But the angle that stands in manufacturer, once agency passes “ to not be restricted the two handcart business of brand ” , obtain the word of stable and rich and generous profit origin, weaken manufacturer likely to control capacity to the palm of agency. If new car is sold all the time deficit, agency is exited likely, only the thing runs two handcart business, this ability is manufacturer is most afraid.

“ is secondhand the significant profit point of growth that car business is all mature agency future, it is the main component in integral operation, be sure to act more and more important role in operation mode of future. ” Shanghai general motors is secondhand a personage of car ministry expresses to the reporter, they support agency to expand two handcart business. But to explain this kind of way that opens an era, the other side did not undertake the front is responded to.

Quality assures puzzle the market

How to build quality to assure system, this became a real difficult problem that puzzles two handcart market.

The reporter understands, " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " regulation, the quality of two handcart assures period for 3 months / 5000 kilometers. Buy a two handcart, in 3 months / 5000 kilometers less than happens be not factitious breakdown, buyer can ask seller assumes corresponding maintenance responsibility. Nevertheless, because encounter appraisal difficult problem, plus what manage two handcart at present it is a SOHO, buy the two handcart that have a problem avowed and can hapless. Accordingly, almost all two handcart trade is “ one mallet child ” buying and selling.

After 4S inn runs two handcart business, whether change this one current situation, become one of crucial factors of its success or failure. “ executes unified quality to assure to all two handcart, accomplish very hard. But can consider ‘ because of the car different ’ , the quality that differs certainly to different model assures period. ” explain connect a times not to overcome character of evenness of Raoying of manager of 4S inn market, this is a very thorny difficult problem really. Company consideration, will right henceforth the two handcart that sell, offer different quality to assure. According to their plan, they will be aimed at the model that banner of this 4 old brands leaves this general, Feng Tian, masses, field to offer quality to assure above all, have because of market of these a few brands rate is high, fittings cost is relatively inferior. After completing this one step, consider to cover other model stage by stage again.
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