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4S inn sells two handcart whether become help straw
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Two handcart city expects enlarge is allowed

The reporter understands in interview, face the profit with two relatively rich and generous handcart, a lot of 4S inn have the impulse of itch to try. Once 4S inn flocks and aspirant attack two handcart town, can you deny the situation of ” of occurrence “ not enough to satify everyone?

A few agency think, if look from size of existing two handcart market only, such apprehension is understandable. Current after all and secondhand the car trades the 1/3 that the quantity has new car only, if the scope effect of two handcart business cannot be shown, also count 100 volume one year only, the hope of gain is very uncertain also, can make a new package even.

However, once 4S inn made two handcart brand, circumstances produces very big change very likely. Be in abroad the car market of a few maturity, two handcart trade the 3 times above that the quantity is new car. Two handcart price is low, buying and selling is convenient, make the first selection of a lot of consumer, obtain a driver's license especially before long novice. Restrict two handcart of domestic to develop, besides consuming an idea, very big reason lacks quality to assure with respect to the two handcart market that depends on home, for fear that of a lot of consumer buys the two handcart that frequency of a problem gives. A lot of consumer are not to not be willing to buy two handcart, dare not buy however. If 4S inn will give up henceforth the trouble back at home of consumer, so trade the volume rises quickly likely also accordingly. Two handcart trade after the quantity exceeds new car, even if be all 4S inn,manage two handcart, “ satiate ” should not be too big question.

Car business needs the courage of break out of an encirclement

This year this summer, particularly cold to appearing for Hangzhou car business.

Card data shows on, hangzhou car sales volume increases 2 percent only compared to the same period first half of the year. Before be being compared a few years the high speed of 25% above grows to be compared, this number is meant, hangzhou car city already entered an opposite saturation period, prospective growth is lack of power.

Benzine rises in price, impose consumption tax of the old car that discharge an amount, a variety of benefit are empty ground of in quick succession comes over to car business. At present not hopeful economic situation more a sword that goes up as be being hanged in the heart, behead broke a few people to be opposite of prospective income anticipate. Some commodity can be bought can not buy, perhaps can defer buy, the car is such commodity, the effect that this kind of character that is not rigid demand decided to its suffer old economy environment is tremendous.

Business of a few cars already feel restless, because they go to brim of profit and loss. Poverty gives rise to a desire for change, they need such hour the courage that has change current situation, go trying to search a new outlet. Put in old two handcart business as “ avocation ” , be carried to come out afresh, gifted the important task that “ saves ” of a dangerous situation. Ought to say, attack two handcart town, such attempt is one of optimal way that current car business casts off predicament undoubtedly, OK and sufficient the resource of dish of vivid 4S inn, get increase profit newly.
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