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Two handcart forum of 2008 informatization and China conclude satisfactorily
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14 days - 16 days, current association sponsors Chinese car, the “ development that two handcart websites of Chinese undertake weighs informatization of ——2008 of model good luck and China ” of two handcart forum is held ceremoniously in Shandong Yantai. Forum reachs development trend, two handcart with respect to two handcart current situations of Chinese strategy of current business brand, revitalize with prosperity two handcart appraisal is evaluated industry, apply IT method to settle case of asymmetry of news of two handcart trade, chinese steam wagon flow connects association vice-chairman Luo Lei of Yu Yuanbo, deputy secretary-general, China is secondhand car website president covers square, standing vise general manager Cui Wei and whole nation are close 40 two handcart trade market general manager attends this second forum.

In the light of China condition of latent capacity of two handcart development, macroscopical economy is opposite the problem such as trend of development of market of the influence of two handcart market, two handcart, chinese steam wagon flow connects Luo Lei of association deputy secretary-general to publish a theme to make a speech on forum: Situation of two handcart market is analysed. Since 2001, our country car retains the volume rises in great quantities continuously, but in the high speed of our country economy development is driven, car market is apart from saturation to still have a paragraph space, market potential is tremendous, retain as the car the addition of the quantity, two handcart of our country trade amount year after year expands, two handcart class had rise apparently. The characteristic that at present the market basically exists has: Corporeal market sheds the main pattern that know for two handcart; Small and medicinal powder, the two hand wagon flow that dimensions changes connect an enterprise to have not appear; Broker company, individual business door to basically run an unit on the high side of two handcart price; Cross region current not free (local protectionism and) of system of car native place; Mode of two handcart sale is onefold; Put in bigger difference with foreign market structure.

Respecting is secondhand the development trend of car market, collect secretary-general thinks: Transfer the summit is imminent, the market will greet great progress period. In future inside period of time, use time is entered for the car that controls 5 years transfer height, average displacement cycle is the car 5 to 6 years, 2002, 2003, the society added a car newly to add up to 2004 12.76 million, among them the car achieves 5.356 million, this batch of cars will be entered update period. Additional, consume ideal change as the improvement of market environment, consumer, and the car retains the huge amount of the quantity is accumulated, type of blowout of two handcart market erupts already by a definite date is not far. Predict two handcart traded 2008 the quantity predicts to be in control in 3.2 million
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