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Two handcart forum of 2008 informatization and China conclude satisfactorily
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On forum, two handcart websites of Chinese are standing Wei of Cui of vise general manager gives priority to a problem with behavior of change of science and technology, analysed deep China is at present secondhand the main contradiction of car market, information asymmetry and service safeguard lack are the bottleneck that two handcart market grows, offerred technical measure solution. Chen Zhaolin of director of company of Beijing of beautiful vasting China, China is secondhand car website is advanced evaluate division to publish “ United States respectively accident of collision of the informatization application ” of two handcart market, “ and two handcart detect”Wait for thematic speech, personnel attending the meeting is taken an active part in, discuss ardently, for our country the development of two handcart market makes suggestions, facilitated of forum hold satisfactorily.

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