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Finished product oil price will be made after the Olympic Games adjust
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The country develops and reform appoint a word arouses Zhang Guobao of director of bureau of energy resources of vice director, nation 1000 billow: Domestic finished product is oily after the Olympic Games the change of the price, want the case that develops according to macroeconomic of the our country after the Olympic Games, and domestic and international energy situation is made adjust. This word did not make clear this kind of “ to adjust ” investigate meaning it is to go up to still drop, the argument that then the outside will continue to rise about oil price or reduces somewhat also grows in intensity subsequently.

Crude price drops considerably

Whether does price of the fuel after Zhang Guobao is answering media “ Olympic Games rise say when the query of ” , the supply that at present domestic oil tastes the market the state produced a few change, the derv that once paid close attention to for all circles for some time supplies the nervous, phenomenon that queues up to cheer, already got recently very big alleviate, especially benzine is supplied had compared comfortable.

He says, the crude price of our country already conformed with international, but because case of finished product oil price considers all sorts of country but susceptive degree, adopt the measure that conforms with international gradually, had not conformed completely with international so far, still under international price. But the total way that price of our country the sources of energy reforms is to want to conform according to market rule and international, controlling price system to transfer to system of market price standard gradually from the government at present. In the past a few weeks, international crude price drops considerably from every pails of 147 dollars every pails of current 113 dollars.

May domestic oil price go up again?

A few days ago, an analysis report says Chinese home oil price to go up considerably after the Olympic Games tone. The report says: International oil price goes soft continuously, oil price of domestic finished product is moved toward how, cause attention of height of negotiable securities orgnaization, in prospective CPI the setting of progressively fall after a rise falls, narrow domestic and international price is differred, make case of finished product oil price is commercialized stage by stage, four quarters or the possibility that oil price moves on first quarter next year are larger this year, and it is to compare substantially adjust.

Price of futures of international crude oil is in short-term inside possible fall after a rise arrives 100 dollars, this interval is more reasonable price. At present point of equilibrium of profit and loss of petrolic of domestic oil refining is in basically crude oil 105 dollars / bucket. However, oil price goes situation still exist not to decide an element, oil price may return meeting violent wind to rise, the method that home answers ought to be timely roll out fuel tax.
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