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New on July 1 car needs oily waste time of mark actual measurement
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After “ Olympic Games, the country adjusts choose machine oil price. ” once this message shows the tension that caused numerous car friend. From this year the sales volume first half of the year looks, the sale of each new fund models was not achieved anticipate, included Yalishi, horse even among them model of such 2 day departments are small volume. The problem that a lot of member that sell encounter asks namely: Does bad news have the actual oil of the car how old?

The “60 on manufacturer announce handbill or 90 kilometers / the ” of fast oil bad news such as the hour never removes enough speech to counterpoise in the market. However, our car advocate people also ignored a such policy probably: This year on July 1, the country has begun to carry out " car specific fuel consumption measures a label " (the following abbreviation " label " ) occupation standard. Manufacturer of this standard requirement removes all leaving factory from July 1 new car is added stick national hair to change appoint the traffic oily waste time of the test marks. Unlike before the oily waste time of 100 kilometers theory that the manufacturer provides, the data that this the label publishs is change by national hair appoint the traffic oily waste time that uses law of integrated operating mode to measure, approximate the actual oil cost of the user quite.


The data of volume of specific fuel consumption that this label place uses is a basis GB/T 19233-2003 " method of experiment of quantity of light-duty car specific fuel consumption " travel operating mode of the regulation determines.

Because drive the influence of the element such as condition of state of habit, road, climate and fuel character, real specific fuel consumption measures the volume of specific fuel consumption that normally prep above marks originally.

   Have not of ” of label of “ oily bad news seeks a range

Recently, the reporter visited Hangzhou early or late inn of 4S of brand of 10 mainstreams car, from only then the new car that reachs to did not discover one adds the bad news that stick oil to mark eventually.

Does the new car in “ inn have label of oily bad news? ”

Face the reporter's query, one face answers major salesperson absently: Does “ mark? Had not heard of, we have the academic oil waste time that manufacturer provides only. ” reporter discovers, in these 4S inn all new cars are publicized there is “90 only on the page or 60 kilometers / wait for ” of fast oil bad news hourly, without ” of label of occurrence “ oily bad news. Also know to was carried out on July 1 without one person in salesperson or ten market managers " mark " .

" mark " what be after all?

" car specific fuel consumption measures a label " make by research center of Chinese car technology, change by national hair appoint decide to carry out, requirement car is added when leave factory stick label of unified oily bad news. The label is stuck to go up in new car place, the travel oily waste time that should explain to consumer this car is in the urban district, suburb respectively, both integrated oil bad news indicates in the meantime, and the lowermost oily bad news of this car and highest oil bad news.
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