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New on July 1 car needs oily waste time of mark actual measurement
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" label " carry out can invite customer from more model of the choice in the oily cost data of deal with concrete matters relating to work, when the model with actual oil low cost by more and more choices when, the company goes the move that be made taking fuel economy seriously, undertake the follow-up of model of low oily cost is developed.

Label data approximates actual oil cost more

Standardize institute director Wu Wei to introduce according to car of research center of Chinese car technology, " label " data is not medium oily bad news to be offerred by car him company, however by hair change appoint the inspection agency of accredit detects according to uniform standard come out. Test data needs to sign up for examine and verify of relevant management department to pass, change in order to send appoint name is announced.

The reporter consults hair change appoint the car that announce is practical oily cost data, july 2007, national hair changes appoint announced 95 manufacturer the test oily bad news of more than kinds of 2300 relevant model, bad news wants the academic oil that offers than manufacturer without one exception tall, surprise among them lucky QQ308 hand is moved model academic oil bad news is 3.7L/100KM, the label is integrated oily bad news is 6.55L/100KM; 3 compartment Fox 2 automatic model academic oil bad news is 6.1L/100KM, the label is integrated oily bad news is 8.6L/100KM. The actual oil cost that these data approximate times car friend to be able to be offerred more. Additional, because a lot of new cars undertook changing a money, if fly,spend, triumphant more, the heat model such as elegant cabinet, hair change appoint have not announce its oily bad news of new actual measurement, times also will pay close attention to continuously.

" label " signing up for batch of compulsive standards

" label " benefit consumer already, can promote energy-saving environmental protection again, why to carry out nearly two months, still did not see firm activity? The reporter also tries and the manufacturer of brand of a few mainstreams is communicated, but the manufacturer all chooses to bite the tongue, avoid to reply with all sorts of reason. Analysis of the personage inside a few course of study thinks, although " label " already began to carry out, but because be not compulsive standard, because this majority manufacturer chose “ to await ” , after all this is to want to defeat disclose of paper of last their window.

Additional as we have learned, be restricted to be worth the component that runs a system as oily bad news, " label " assuming quantities of pair of car specific fuel consumption to undertake fair shown effect, had signed up for batch of country mandatory standard at present, how will be the enterprise carried out later, still wait for further administrative sex regulation.
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