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The Olympic Games pounds two handcart city to be fond of care half with the car
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Regard Beijing as two handcart industry for, car of on 10 thousand assistance is in after the Olympic Games dealing with will be once in a blue moon tremendous business chance, the basis guards estimation, no matter what nearly 7000 cars adopt to deal with means, can bring concussion to two handcart market. This the masses serves as main sponsor, the assistance car with more amount basically is series of Ao Di A6L-2.0T, A4-1.8T series, stride vacate 2 series, Pasate to lead drive 2 series, fast vacate 1.6AT, nimble to install amount to ATF and road, other trademark sponsor still has Shanghai cup of gold of wind of luck of the Huaihe River of the general GL8 that fasten a gram, river, Shenyang.

Current, the company of old car broker that Beijing has more than 500 and close a hunderd schools have the later period that two handcart company has begun masser car brand to stare at eye to the Olympic Games to use a car to deal with, but in a lot of businessmen that interview in us, they appear in the light of the interest that approves car at this not tall, be anxious very much however, with popular saying says, agency does not catch a cold to this batch of cars, but expressed generally to be anxious to the influence of two handcart industry.

Gap of fund of short-term and many stock is solved hard

According to the data that certain agency provides, this batch of car are handled alone rarely, basically be batch trades, also want 10 above the least, certain model is in even 50 above, such agency need many circulating fund, for off-season to lying at present agency, many circulating fund is pressed on these cars the risk is bigger, and solve financing gap hard.

A broker says, before the Olympic Games, he ordered 10 Olympic Gameses to use a car to the sponsor, these cars are not the car of automobile sponsor, however the class action car of equipment sponsor, but the new car price with current foundation, the Olympic Games that he takes is compared with car price tall, be afraid cause big wave motion very hard in the market. And, as a result of one-time order a car, his circulating fund already very nervous, this will affect the end of the year two handcart are managed. Professional personage thinks, actual strength of fund of manager of two handcart industry is at present weaker, financing gap is solved hard.

Level sex falls into disuse in great quantities cause price war

A few according to its from agency of prior of course of study experience is judged, they think congener model short time enters the market to will bring apparent price war in great quantities, basically same type appears more than 50 times to will bring terrible chain price war in the market at the same time, final gain is ensured hard, before a few years for instance many 200 nimble of TV station amounts to car of Huang Biao of unit of the two handcart processing, directly under central same type centers an auction to wait a moment, the agency of Beijing feels the risk is big.
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