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Inn of 4S of old brand of industry new trend builds two handcart exhibition hall
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Afterwards Zhejiang abstruse after connecting two handcart center to start distance start business nearly two years in Hangzhou carry on, two handcart exhibition hall also was in joyance of inn of An Benkang bridge a few days ago Shi Xiang road is lively practice. Store of 4S of two old brand opens a two handcart exhibition hall in succession, not only the attention that caused the personage inside course of study, the two handcart market that also warms up increasingly to home brought new thinking.

Inn of old brand 4S

Leave in succession build two handcart exhibition hall

On August 8, two handcart exhibition hall is in joyance of inn of An Benkang bridge auspicious Lu Xuan accuses Hangzhou stone official start business. Although this as new as inn of 4S of An Benkang bridge exhibition hall tightens endured exhibition hall,rebuild on the foundation of old exhibition hall in 4S inn, but its brand-new display and the look that atmospheric storefront figure marks or drew a lot of people.

“ this is Guangzhou the two handcart exhibition hall that carries the first batch when this cropland car establishs in Hangzhou according to 3S mode battalion, advocate business Wu is the new car sale that relies on 4S inn and after service, begin two handcart to trade. The Zhang Ting of exhibition hall manager with young ” says. Specialize in the leader of inn as this two handcart, zhang Ting is very clear the heavy responsibility that oneself bear, “ this exhibition hall is to pass this Guangzhou cropland to be chosen strictly, after the two handcart that accorded with this Guangzhou cropland specialize in store level, just be approved of practice, with every wide this 4S inn was in in the past the phase of two handcart business that begin is compared, its administrative levels is higher, the requirement is stricter, management is more normative. ”

Meanwhile, be located in Hangzhou city the Anbenzhi east two handcart exhibition hall also begins cropland inn joyance devoted operation. The business of two handcart displacement that two handcart exhibition hall and past 4S inn develop joyance is the biggest differ even if, it can think those who accord with a condition is secondhand wide the two handcart attestation that this car offers major, if be in,go only sail those who do not have grave accident is less than of 5 years of 150 thousand kilometer, wide this two handcart, can amount to 191 major to detect through how, consult strict value evaluates a system, issue book of two handcart certificate of quality for this car, those who pass attestation is secondhand wide this car will be put in the sale in the exhibition hall finally, is not to resemble passing other channel output in that way in the past, specialize in the attestation that inn offers 1 year of 20 thousand kilometers to guarantee by two handcart at the same time service.

Store of 4S of An Benkang bridge opens the exhibition hall of this two handcart that build, although resemble it taking the lead in be in in those days provincial build wide industry led like this 4S inn inside new fashion, but it is not the person that Zhejiang eats crab the first times provincial.
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