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Solid belong to not easy and short-term inside luxurious and secondhand the car
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Rose on September 1, aim to or the policy of new car consumption tax with big small spread will put into effect. Message, car of market of Hangzhou new car is big quantity appeared of different level rise in price. So, luxurious and secondhand car price whether also ” of “ when the river rises the boat goes up too?

Short-term inside won't suffer an effect

Two handcart of 273 China trade the district director of the net thinks: Luxurious and secondhand car market is short-term inside won't suffer new politics affect and fluctuate. Because two handcart and new car are different, two handcart are the buys ten years ago even car a few years ago, old car buys price often is to press this model to be evaluated in lowermost period of time or price of car of the stylish that retreat city.

These year compete as the market, the value of new car is total the trend drops in year after year, because policy consideration rose in price,even if is, buy the home to also identify it only normally the historical minimum price of new car. For instance, a luxurious car sells 5 years ago 1 million, drop all the way now 800 thousand, although go up again recently,return 1 million, but buy the home or press 800 thousand calculate with you.

The luxurious car that buys nearly 9 years more keep a cost

To this one judgement, the old inn of inn of 273 treasure dragon grows to also express self-identity. He says, home is secondhand now car city basically with in cheap car is given priority to, luxurious and secondhand car itself retains the amount is limited, those who sell a car is little, those who buy a car is little also. High-grade and secondhand the car is compared in supply of Euramerican developed country big, demand is very exuberant also, but accumulate because of luxurious car in China finite, update slow also, need a course so. He thinks, if new car rises in price because of consumption tax, and demand exceeds supply, so close be in 9 years low when bought car should more keep a cost.

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