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Break misgive 5 two handcart are long-distance actual measurement
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Plaint in people raise Che Yue to jump over hardship today, choose a vehicle, with the car must careful calculation and strict budgeting, also accordingly more and more consumer rise to two handcart attention. On the other hand, they buy impulse in generation when, the reason that stems from information asymmetry can is opposite again car condition feels afraid, indecisive from beginning to end to this helper. Partial consumer is to using two handcart of a few years to feel heavy misgive more, it is beyond the mark to worry about them bad news is oily. Because of this, our newspaper is in last week An Jun is secondhand of car market cooperate to fall, undertook pulling force of ” of oily king of section of “ of a two handcart is surpassed, the two handcart that chose a few sell like hot cakes undertake long-distance actual measurement.

The jumping-off place of this actual measurement, be located in new 滘 east the two handcart market of the road, destination is bay of Hui Dongxun small house, the journey is 200 much kilometers, include road of urban road, freeway, town to wait a moment among them, emphasize the oily bad news that inspects a few two handcart, and its are quickened, easy the basic function such as too measurable, curved, apply the brake, the driver that is in charge of driving basically is to 10 years of above drive expert of the market major personage of experience, vehicle maintenance and repair, and car of a few dab advocate.

Because just be touched,appear on the stage wind weather, contest of pulling force of ” of oily king of section of “ of this two handcart goes there and back to encounter heavy rain, it is test more to the two handcart that take part in the match. In before setting out one evening, the car that enters a test adds full oil designedly, jumping after the gun, still add note spill over almost till, after trudge, duplicate afore-mentioned job, recombine travel course of development reachs this oily bad news is ranked. After contrast, the result that partial model checks is concrete beyond our expect, of individual model oily waste time low, let a person can be described only with “ mysterious ” .

Block Luo La 1.8(to be blocked automatically)

Car age: 1 year

Driver brief introduction: Boss of two handcart travel, 40 years old, more than 10 years drive experience, because the job concerns, often drive all sorts of models, individual preference is comfortable block a model automatically. From drive can see in the process, comity of driver drive a vehicle, abide by highway code, belong to stability driver.

Overall comment on: 1.8 a particular year still are less than this Kaluola one year, just close a few days ago, just can try today its quality. The reporter observed outside, feel this car and new car do not have too big distinction. Just got on a car, feel interior trim is very neat, white of ashen carpet collocation tradition connects beautiful seat to cover, the car before most propbably advocate also be sedate inside the person of collect.
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