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As Chinese car market mature with each passing day, and buy a car 2 times proportional rise, consumer is more and more rational also when buying new car, more comprehensive integration analysis often can undertake before making a choice, have car function, price, after service besides groovy sex ground quite besides, also begin to take “ seriously to protect a value to lead ” more and more this index.   

Car city protects cost rate to suffer gradually take seriously

Very mature Euramerican country is consumed in the car, the rate that keep a cost is regarded as one of main factors of car of choose and buy already, annual the two handcart that authoritative orgnaization announces each brand protect a value to lead a rank, rent in order to keep cost rate as current car the price and two handcart trade the basis of the price. “ is in our country, as the market mature gradually and buy a car 2 times proportional growth, can increasing person is in new car of choose and buy when regard important reference standard as the rate that keep a cost. The expert inside ” car line of business is forecasted.

Trade in two handcart in the market, no matter be buyer or bargainor,begin to favore the model with the high rate that keep a cost. To An Jun two handcart market chooses Mr Wang of the car one to tell to the reporter: “ understands the concept of the rate that keep a cost not quite before, but when I know this is to choose two handcart now a very important. The car with the high rate that keep a cost means quality abiding and good, durable. Two handcart agency also realized ” to protect a value high to lead the importance of the model. Be engaged in two handcart trading old Mr Gu tells to the reporter: It is good that “ protects a value to lead tall car sell, resemble Kaimeirui (graph library forum) , Fu Kang (graph library forum) etc, the market trades the quantity is very good also. ”  

Kaimeirui keeps a cost high rate is eye-catching

Be in the United States with two handcart the most mature market, the abundant cropland car that is a delegate with CAMRY also is celebrated with protecting a value high to lead. The two handcart that in calendar year authority the orgnaization announces protect a value to lead a rank in, CAMRY is more than be judged to be the two handcart ” with the most reliable “ . What abundant homestead tastes is tall advantage of the rate that keep a cost, also begin to get on Chinese market the attention of consumer.

Kaimeirui appears on the market to have two years only up to now, in the Gang Lou on two handcart market the face is become the most welcome in high-grade model. " world handler data " the data that automobile trade report discloses shows, two years period the rate keeping a cost of triumphant beauty luck exceeded 70 % , occupy front row high in be the same as scale model. Accordingly, kaimeirui has become two handcart to trade in one of best-selling models, the reporter is in An Jun understands on two handcart market, secondhand Kaimeirui's demand is very big, basically be “ comes to, sell a ” .
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