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Dark visit bug of car of two handcart city to stop a car 5 big game
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Before be being written down a few years, during the university very the game of a computer of be current, be called " bug of 100 battle day " . The insect in game people use all sorts of weapons such as rope, bedspring, shovel, bomb, missile to be atttacked each other, till one party dies to perhaps drop a river, game pays attention to ” of expert of education “ insect to be harmed each other. In the black car market all round car market, what I experience ” of these “ car bug deeply is fierce, we these consumer often became final victim.

So how do ” of these illegal “ car bug entrap after all our consumer? The near future, the reporter's circumjacent to market of Beijing old motor vehicle two handcart blackmarket undertook dark visit. I summed up the following, the consumer that hopes to be able to help us knows ” of these “ car bug people.

The first action: ” of fishing of “ ginger great-grandfather

The friends that want to transfer often hope can sell out old car of oneself with higher price, the car that so ” of these “ car bug used ” of “ high price to attract our goodness advocate. I was pretending to be consumer to walk along “ not to put in road ” 's charge. Very “ is ” of those bug of illegal “ car of roadside beck your consider ” , above all, no matter car advocate age size, ground of ” of uniform “ eldest brother, eldest sister is crying, let you feel these people still hold out “ affectionate ” . Next, pretentious your love car maintains well, “ ouch, eldest brother you this car maintains really well ” , let me that calls in the heart at ease. ” is covered on this “ at that time, originally my plan sells “ Laosang 50 thousand yuan ” . His price, 80 thousand! ! Hey! Who does not think the “ counterjumper ” that makes him company old finds good boss. I am filled with joy the ground went with him.

The 2nd action: ” of “ ants gnawing at a bone

Leaving to love a car to come to ” of bug of illegal “ car when me people den, this can be about to take care extremely. The car has not stopped firm, swiftly skips come out ” of ten “ connoisseur, if it were not for I am audacious, I want to still must blush really palpitant breath is urgent. These a few people are surrounded come over east look at look on the west, “ your car sells me, 40 thousand ” , “ eldest brother, you this car cannot leave a few years, 40 thousand I received ”…… to still a moment ago was worth the baby of 80 thousand, so meeting demote with respect to “ ” . At that time I still do not have phonate, ” of this “ my dear brother launchs offensive. “ eldest brother you this car a moment ago did not look careful, I see ” again, this looks never mind, your again good car is “ defect ” in eyes of these “ connoisseur ” , what fortunately I learn is car major, not by them “ flicker ” , did not eat fortunately after many fight hand to hand very big deficient.
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