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Dark visit bug of car of two handcart city to stop a car 5 big game
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The 3rd action: ” of “ make a profit in troubled situation

Want to sell a car when you, “ insect ” people gather together comes over, highly praise is small the major that writes down me, still often talk on and on is worn the lose money in business that “ buys car person ” , have querulous power greatly. You should sell a car Oh see your legal procedures to the family, what travel this, the driver's license, bill, card that register one pile thing, I open the car on door to take. This opens the door never mind, what is costly inside my railroad car, useful did not have, think oneself bump dead at that time, how so not careful. Static next hearts will think carefully, a moment ago piled a person round me, did not notice oneself door really. The heart wants to admit have bad luck, this still is done not have! ! “ buys car person ” one face appear to be reluctant, say to do not have formalities bad to do, want to deal with change the name of owner in a register to be waited a moment so that spend money, cut price downward again, 20 thousand 5, do not sell calculated. I make a life then at that time, is who calls you oneself not to take care?

The 4th action: “ brazen-faced ”

My firm is cruel-hearted, stamp of stamp one's foot, did not sell, the car is about on, have the eldest sister of a ” of “ good intention at that time, taking one caboodle formalities to say “ boy ” to me I help you do, eldest sister of your this car 30 thousand wanted. I this calls gratified. Did not think of to there still is good person inside ” of “ car bug. I am about to receive money to go person, incorrect, this the reverse side is placing my that travel photograph, the travel that am I in hand of ” of that “ eldest sister this? I am smiling to want to take drive to look originally, family anyway does not give me, I am about grab on cruel disposition come over, does the heart think her if it were not for steals her my to you can not look to me? ” of family “ eldest sister begins a drivel ” of complain tearfully of “ of ground of a tear.

The 5th action: ” of “ use both hard and soft tactics

Should grabbing those who answer me to drive when me this when, the ” of “ good person all round can not work, “ big boy bullies the ” of family daughter, “ does not sell a car still want to hit person ” , whole an evil person brings a lawsuit against first. The fierce look of one face of ” of big fellow of a few “ came all around, it is not clear to say I say today do not think, the accusation of ” of good person of “ frame a case against I am to wash not clear. Alas! Who makes me actuation? Or ” of that “ eldest sister has “ conscience ” , ” of the person that dissuading each “ favour, patting my shoulder to say “ comes out deal is not easy ” , “ gives birth to money ” compatibly ” of a kind “ words from heart, finally still is old pattern, 20 thousand 5, read the broad mind that in ” of “ eldest sister that “ Yours Excellency not to write down Lilliputian to cross ” , I sold a car, go person. Make concessions to avoid trouble!
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