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Wait-and-see country Ⅲ wraps sell like hot cakes of new car of Ⅱ of list price
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Ⅲ standard carries out the country near two months

Ⅲ discharges the country the standard is carried out in the round from July 1 up to now, already near two months. Go up in market of Zhongshan commercial vehicle however, be prohibited going up by public proclamation Ⅱ model did not return the country of the card not only city, instead became ” of “ popular commodities, and did not appear depreciate phenomenon.

Since July 1, zhongshan discharge capacity reachs a nation only the car of Ⅱ standard must not go up card. The author understands, agency should digest the country that has not sell work off to go Ⅱ car, basically adopt two kinds of approaches: It is the area that go back manufacturer allocates standard of reprieve country Ⅲ ; 2 it is agency is bought oneself a few cannot the country of go back Ⅱ car, scratch superior before July 1 card, undertake “ wraps list price ” to sell again.

The personage inside course of study points out, commercial vehicle of Ⅱ of country of ” of list price of Zhongshan “ package ever appeared ” of sale “ tornado, and major model keeps cost price sale. Car of “ country Ⅱ present sales volume is pretty good, highest sales volume when, from us the case of change the name of owner in a register looks, was July the middle ten days of a month arrives this paragraph of time, very big a batch of cars already went out via the sale. ” old motor vehicle trades central controller Gan Wei discloses.

What reason urges a nation does Ⅱ car become ” of “ popular commodities? Even doesn't partial model price fall to rise instead?
The personage inside course of study thinks, country Ⅱ car such sell like hot cakes, main reason is a country the retail price of Ⅲ car compares a country Ⅱ car is general tower above 10 thousand yuan of above. Another reason is a country Ⅲ car still fails the blank of market of fill commercial vehicle. Car of “ country Ⅲ gives newly, partial agency still is in wait-and-see, the model is not very all ready, so (the person that buy a car) the room of the choice is not much, Ⅱ car has compared the country to do. ” Gan Wei says.

The author understands, already hanged out his shingle Ⅱ car is using the country to go up and do not have any limitation, but from trade can trade as two handcart only on the program, the person that buy a car needs to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register, pay trade duty, assess the fee such as cost.

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