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Illicit home car is about to enter change city of year of the car that urge heat
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Newest statistic data shows, before this year 7 months, our country is four million and ninety-nine thousand three hundred by the sales volume that use a car, grow 15.79% compared to the same period, among them car sales volume grows 14.69% compared to the same period, relatively last year of the corresponding period 23.73% , 26.58% add fast photograph to compare, have glide apparently, especially car market, differred of 11.89 percent.

From this year since April, sales volume of city of our country car is added fast glide continuously, july is more those who appeared nearly 3 years to come increase fast lowest cost. Also because of such, many voice say: Sale of “ China car will be faced with city of car of cold winter, China to will appear inflection point ……” recently, reporter at this point the problem covered many personage inside course of study and market expert, agency, authoritative personage expresses, the wording that car city sale faces cold winter is not exact, “ above all, in July, August is car market calendar year the sale that come is off-season, most enterprise is moved moderately accordingly low manufacturing plan. Next, the car city of at present still has a lot of window to be able to be searched, among them the concentration of illicit home car replacement, with respect to the ” of next point of growth that may be new car market. The personage says to the reporter so related association of Chinese auto industry.

Two handcart trade growth is rapid car age shortens the trend is clear

The car trades an administrator tells the market the reporter, 2000 around, domestic car buys our country illicit to enter a peak gradually, especially 3 years nearly two, more ceaseless apace creates new sale peak. Have buy nature to also have sell, “ in the present private group that buy a car, one part is the first car that buys his, but also having not small one share is to transfer ” . This personage says, in the customer selling a car that two handcart market welcomes couplet everyday in, market of new car of the couplet in many people arrive directly again after selling a car is chosen bought new car.

In addition, beijing a few big two handcart trade the agency of the market people all differ rate represents, what at present trades is secondhand Che Yue will jump over “ young ” . According to not complete count, the two handcart inside 5 years trade the quantity had exceeded always trade the 1/3 of the quantity. Car city is transferring in the first when greet illicit home car wet, “ and transfer this to come wetly, will guide capital car city to be entered directly transfer times ” . Beautiful country is secondhand the car trades an agency of the market says to the reporter so. Most person is forecasted in agency, this transfers wet very won't swift end, will last for some time.

In the meantime, agency people affirmative still ground expresses, market of the two handcart after the Olympic Games ends will once large to the limit of one's capacity. “ is very much the car that because only even numbers is restricted to go and be deferred,transfers advocate, can choose to be by September begin the operation. ” agency people think, wait numerous car in those days advocate in selling a hand centrally old car while, certainly will also can head the peak that buys new car.
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