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Illicit home car is about to enter change city of year of the car that urge heat
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New car appears on the market car price is reduced draw consumer look

Transfer tide is forthcoming, besides two handcart agency, the agency of new car people also preparing for war actively. The reporter interviews discovery, inn of very much 4S had made at present card of “ displacement favourable ” , in convenient car advocate people sell old car while, sell the new car of oneself. And second half of the year of a few new models gather together in succession appear on the market, also attracting ceaselessly have transfer plan car advocate people eyeball.

It is new car appears ceaselessly at the same time, across is car price is reduced ceaselessly, every change in city of at present car is in “ accost ” is worn consumer ready to do sth. The reporter investigates discovery, recently 3 two the middle of a month, no matter be a litter or medium, deluxe model, the price appeared the fall of different level: Stride vacate privilege to cross 20 thousand yuan, Kaimeirui is favourable 16 thousand yuan, acute annals privilege crosses 20 thousand yuan, triumphant more favourable 14 thousand yuan, Ge La is favourable 20 thousand yuan of …… of price of model of sell like hot cakes of a money reduce ceaselessly, teasing have car a group of things with common features people the thought that ” transfers on “ horse.

Market personage thinks, of new model price reduce, of the technology upgrade, increase a variety of …… elements of configuration to let a person one's mind disturbed ceaselessly. “ especially present new car, the section is oily comparatively old model upgrades ceaselessly, tens of thousands of yuan need not be added to be able to be changed after selling old car pretty below the premise of new car, a lot of people had transfer plan. Car of ” Ya Yun Cun trades a controller tells the market the reporter, as car price issue harmonic people living standard ceaselessly rise, transfer to had been ” of “ important matter no longer. Function more outstanding, configuration is more all ready, more of item oil dazzling new car, drawing the look of increasing consumer having a car.

Car a group of things with common features is abandoned old change become point of growth of new car market newly

An agency of Guangzhou abundant cropland tells a reporter candidly, the key target that they sell at present the car is more than it is those customer that buy a car for the first time, “ attracts those having to transfer of the plan car a group of things with common features is in in our inn with old change new, also be the key ” that we sell. This director says, present consumer, especially the youth of good-paying loves the new and loathe the old to car “ the rate of ” is higher and higher, “ incites ” they transfer, also became the one part content that many 4S inn groom to the salesperson.

“ although oil price rises continuously, but the consumption level of people also is in in keeping growing, and the person that often drives commonly can be experienced, once had illicit home car period of time, with respect to the state that can enter a kind of ‘ to do not have a car to open very unaccustomed ’ , so, car sale rises the trend won't be changed inside a few years. A personage inside course of study tells ” the reporter, car a group of things with common features changes existing life pattern very hard, so, transfer the choice that person of the great majority in becoming them is facing.
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