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7 big factors are restricted car town went small continuously in August
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The whole nation is met by banquet of couplet of information of the market that use a car newest statistic data shows, our country appeared by the market that use a car July successive the sales volume annulus of the 4th month is compared drop, and glide extent is increased further, annulus is compared - 11.5% . Meanwhile, the expert inside course of study and market personage are forecasted, car city will enjoy growth continuously August, and this trend still will last probably a few months.

Be aimed at the phenomenon that sales volume glides continuously, “ meets the relevant expert of ” by couplet the analysis thinks, although the strength of manufacturer and agency sales promotion reached top this year level July, also made massive effort, but “6 month is to discharge can reach the final time limit that Ⅱ standard car sells the country only, the whole nation has level of Ⅱ of 20 thousand country the least by although still do not have work off,use a car, but already superior license plate, these new cars should reach the following day July in, undertake selling with the form of two handcart. Thereby drive up June take the sales volume that use a car, also reduced the sales volume ” July.

In addition, this expert still expresses, forecast before July a few of the market advantageous elements, fail to had touched consumer to anticipate to oil price times add and income anticipates amplitude decelerates the adverse element that cause, this also was July a reason that car city sales volume drops.

Experts express, “ above all, benefit from door is right oil price times add anticipate with income increase rate drops anticipated impact; The 2nd, the influence that Beijing only even numbers is restricted to go; The 3rd, everybody pays close attention to the move of heat; The 4th, the weekday August is mixed than July photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year little 2 days; The 5th, was the hottest month in a year August, go out the person that sees a car decreases; The 6th, the new car of Ⅱ standard presses the country the formal sale of two handcart had not sold July; The 7th, PPI achieves 13 years to come this year record, depreciating element does not have ” basically. Be based on these 7 elements, car town will go small continuously August.

Although adverse element is very much, but car city still put in window August: By “8 month, car city suffers September the fluctuates up influence of market rule sex, sell the get warm again after a cold spell of likelihood occurrence appreciably. ” whole nation a few large trade the relevant administrator of the market says to the reporter so.

What if car city was like experts August,figure in that way, will appear by the market that use a car so successive 5 months annulus grows than losing, this never been appearinging on the history. Can say, the car city this year still does not have excited dot to appear up to now, and the personage inside course of study is being summed up July sale status while, to the integral situation of second half of the year, also dare not make mostly hopeful conclude.
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