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What call two handcart aloud is qualitative defend a service
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More and more people begin to care two handcart enterprise recently whether the question that provides after service for the client.

Take new car first for, after the client that buy a car buys new car, what the client enjoys manufacturer to offer above all is qualitative defend a service, have a plenty of two years of 60 thousand kilometer, some manufacturer had been lengthened now to 3 years of 100 thousand kilometer, the client is opening a car to assume a post meaning by the 4S inn of accredit Lidouke in order to enjoy maintenance service.

Had this safeguard, the client uses a car very was at ease, this is a when a lot of people choose to buy new car main reason. In the meantime, come from use a car daily at the client, include to be sure, what 4S inn can offer insurance to decide caustic manage compensate and maintenance for the client is one-stop service, this also is another when the client chooses to pay more cost to buy new car main reason.

Present two handcart enterprise, although call broker the company mostly, but the operation means that of main continue to use is management company. Corresponding reorganize and outfit undertakes first after the enterprise buys carriage return namely, reopen progress area undertakes 2 times selling. As China the dimensions of two handcart market expands continuously, the client also buys a car simply to wait for a respect to carry out hind, adornment from before to the demand of two handcart progressively and outspread. From safeguard respect, what new car enjoys is qualitative protect a service to be in at present very few somebody can accomplish two handcart trade. The author thinks, client of two handcart industry should need excellent after service more than new car, new car industry already formed relatively mature mode through old development, and two handcart industry is very young still, deliver the view to this industry as more and more people, also meet to its standard and requirement subsequently more suffer take seriously, the two handcart after service that we expect also can be in not far come true in the future.

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