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New market, "a no-market" second-hand automobile market dilemma Bard
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With the continuous improvement of material life, car sales rose year by year, Harbin City, second-hand car market is expanding. According to

the municipal Department of Commerce statistics, in 2008 second-hand car trading volume has more than 30,000. However, the reporter visited

the past few days found that, on the one hand Harbin Airport Road, the existence of second-hand car market, "a city without field"

cohabitation situation, there are all kinds Che Fanzi tricky car traders; the other hand, has just completed the second-hand car in the cis

market was "a no-market" doors to the embarrassment of cold. Related departments have called second-hand automobile market urgently Bard out

of the doldrums.

Old Market cohabitation

    Welcome Harbin Airport Road is the entrance road, because the existence of second-hand car market, resulting in a number of reselling

used cars often gathered at the airport outside the market entrance of Muller Road and Airport Expressway to intercept vehicles, illegal

parking and illegal trading and so on serious, and this not only caused traffic congestion around the market, but also seriously affected the

image of the city Harbin.

    July 24, the reporter arrived at the Harbin Airport Road used-car market. Second-hand car market near Airport Road about two miles, and

gradually see the crowded traffic filled the highway, the roadside there have been small groups of "Che Fanzi" placards shouting received

cars, car, selling cars. According to the survey, accompanied by journalists with the industry Xu Gang (a pseudonym, had since 2007 been

engaged in second-hand car trading activity) introduced, these vehicles are waiting or being illegal trading. Along the way, although Xu Gang

constantly whistle, but traffic is still the same herd as the laid-back, sometimes run slow, sometimes stopped to wait.

    At about 9 o'clock, the reporter's vehicle finally came to Harbin Daoli District Jinshan Fort checkpoint near the entrance of second-hand

car market, a reporter at the scene saw many vehicles and mingle with the crowd, walking past the vehicles here are very slow. Dense traffic

flow on both sides of the road on the sidewalk outside, or even near a road, full of selling water, selling food or row. Iced mineral water,

hot tea eggs, selling wonton, BBQ string of everything ... ...

    "The surface is not surprising, the real confusion is the used car market outside of the 'black market'. Because the Airport Road, this

market is so small that many vehicles can not enter the market to trade only in the road outside the market , even near the bridge, trading

under the bridge. "Xu Gang said that these people who sell cars in the market, they have to pay to stay in the same place. The price of 30

yuan per parking space to 50 per month, this money without any receipts, fees, who is mixed in this market some of the "social man."



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