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Hafei benefit trade-in policy to accelerate industrial upgrading
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 Although summer is still the second-hand car market in the traditional low season, but this year the performance of second-hand car market

is significantly different from previous years. Although no significant increase in the number of consumers, but the second-hand vehicles, it

becomes extremely scarce source. Vehicles into the used-car market reduced the number of dealers feel so helpless.

Car "trade" subsidies increase the strength of second-hand car market is undoubtedly the source of cars caused by shortage of the main

reasons. On the other hand, car "trade" postponed seven months to the end of this year will also bring more consumers to consider time. It is

reported that the first half of this year, a total of 174,000 vehicles, trade-in allowance, paid 2.44 billion yuan subsidies.

From "TM" subsidies regional perspective, the second and third or even three or four lines market is undoubtedly the main focus on the key

policy areas. Its characteristics are, as the economy has been lagging behind the most popular car affordable objects. Has thus become the

first-tier cities out of the vehicle's main digestive object. Hafei Motor is committed to provide economic benefits for the people of the

models, the long-term devoted to create more value for users. Leveraging the "trade", Hafei Motor is to accelerate industrial upgrading.

As the first movement of civilians to create a car car companies, Hafei Automobile Industry can be traced back into the early eighties of

last century. Songhua River from a single double row of trucks and trucks longer counting, Hafei Motor struggle for nearly 30 years and users

to further enlarge and strengthen its reputation and achieve industrial upgrading has laid a solid foundation.

Relying on years of accumulated experience in aviation technology and production, Hafei is the digestion and absorption through independent

innovation and international cooperation to achieve leapfrog development in one of the most successful. Songhua River to create a micro-car

from the initial start of new era, people made car Hafei adhering to the basic philosophy, the hard skills, for the people to provide more

value products.

Into the nineties, the work Pininfarina Hafei Motor launched the "Hafei Zhongyi" micro-bus. "Hafei Zhongyi," marks the introduction of micro

-car into the era of personalization and international quality. May 1999, Hafei Zhongyi formally identified by the State to establish

Weicheshichang benchmark. In the same year, the Beijing International Motor Show debut, becoming one of the show's most popular models. In

2000, as China's first proprietary model, Hafei Zhongyi at Geneva International Motor Show.

After the beginning of 2000, Hafei significantly accelerated the pace of product development. "Hafei Zhongyi" continuous improvement,

continue to be in pursuit of the object. Following the "Hafei Zhongyi" success, but also with Pininfarina Hafei Motor Company have jointly

developed a "Hafei Lobo" and "Hafei Saibao" cars, while other product lines are constantly updated, final form covering cars, light buses,

micro-and micro-cards, including passenger vehicle product system. Including the core engine and transmission components, including the

supply system.

Starting from 2009, Hafei Motor ushered in a new stage of development. From the "purchase tax reduction", "car to the countryside", "TM" in a

series of policy incentives, Hafei Motor made remarkable achievements. After successfully entered the Chang'an Automobile, Hafei Motor is not

only not disappeared, but growing. This year, the Changan Automotive Group and Heilongjiang provincial government signed a "strategic

cooperation agreement" will be the production base in Harbin, capacity expansion to 50 million to 600,000 vehicles. Hafei Motor said,

according to Chairman Wu Xuesong, not just the production base in Harbin Hafei brand vehicles, other bases will also be producing Hafei brand

models. Within the next five or six years, Hafei brand sales volume will reach one million cars scale. Car "trade" policy of subsidies to the

strengthening and extension, will bring new Hafei Automobile historic opportunity. Leveraging the "trade" policy, Hafei Motor is to

accelerate industrial upgrading.


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