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Harbin: departmental interaction second-hand car market order rectification
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The Airport Road used-car market outside the placards intercept vehicles, illegal parking and illegal trading is serious traffic congestion

and affect the image of the city, 17, 18, Harbin, along key sections of the relevant departments and conducted a second-hand car market

concentrate on cleaning up and rectification, car sales were banned more than 50 placards people, 450 against illegal parking, issued a

rectification notice 40.

In order to regulate second-hand car market in Harbin order to promote the healthy development of second-hand car market, starting from the

12th of this month, led by Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Business Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service, the

Inland Revenue Department, Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau and the district government Daoli and other relevant units to participate in

a citywide campaign to clear up second-hand automobile market consolidation order, traffic, and the surrounding environment activities. 17,

18, two days, the relevant departments of the Airport Road used-car market to start operating the first order of concentration and control.

Municipal Public Security Bureau along the airport road, used-car market for vehicles around the Luantingluanfang illegal to take notice

posted, trailers, etc., were banned by law, a total of 450 against illegal parking of unlicensed vehicles, 10, a fine of 15,000 yuan; City of

Industry, check the used car market according to the law and business entities 50, issued a rectification notice the spot 40; City

Administrative Enforcement clean up the sidewalk parking more than 30 times, and banned more than 50 cars for sale placards people; tax

department under the rectification notice in writing issued 22; Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a second-hand car market and main

business registration books 58.


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