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Be decieved carefully two handcart buy insurance to also want to notice
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Of Nanjing made a gentleman bought a two handcart last year, protected to make strong narrow pass at that time, dot bagatelle friend also produced inside a year, think just 89 money insurance company won't compensate did not manage compensate.

This year June, make a gentleman making strong narrow pass when expiring, cannot think of quickly to want to buy commercial car a place difficult of access, because he drive at ordinary times,coming is special caution, 2 come he feels to one makes strong narrow pass enough. One day, the acquaintance of a father came in the home, professing is home some insurance clerk of well-known insurance company, hear the car narrow pass that makes a gentleman expired, specially comes over to introduce danger of car of a few kinds of commerce for him. The car danger that hears of that combination that bought her to promote what thing onetime capital can be total compensate, the loss that unlike makes strong danger keep others car only and the car loss that does not keep oneself, make a gentleman say to be able to consider. Had done not have a few days, that insurance clerk was visited again, make a gentleman be in feel embarrassed below rejection condition, car loss danger and a place difficult of access of responsibility of a third party were bought in her place, still added additionally not plan the danger that avoid compensate, altogether was spent 1700 much.

On August 15, avoiding let head on and come the automobile body in the process of car blows cement a block of stone or wood. After the event, the loss of the car is 900 yuan by check and ratify. After the car fosters cordial relations between states, he submits an expense account, this thinking can get a clerk at the outset the 100 % compensation of place acceptance, be informed by insurance company staff member however can submit an expense account only 56 % , the reason that the staff member gives is deficit is cast protect. So this clerk is to replace those who make gentleman design to be cast with ” of “ replacement value at the outset protect, protect with what the depreciation price of this car was basis of insurance cost computation to cast last year namely, not be with him the amount that buys car expenditure at the outset is cast protect, accordingly he cannot be worth ” to obtain sum to compensate for formerly according to “ Zhang face, can be with the depreciation value of the car when be or get out of danger only according to, 900 yuan loss makes a gentleman can submit an expense account only finally 504 yuan, 396 yuan when remain are obliged oneself were drawn out. He went to insurance company looking for that clerk to denounce a view under stretch, the result is informed unexpectedly car risk department does not have this individual, checked her name in birthday risk department however, this makes him very furious.

Expert analysis

Jiangsu province protects inspect bureau to produce danger part the staff member tells a reporter: At present danger of birthday of Nanjing some insurance company mixes “ it is certain to produce the procuratorial existence of danger the across of degree, this also is the dominant position of natural resources of birthday danger client that insurance company uses oneself, develop the market nearly to produce. A clerk can have the capacity that produces danger and birthday danger agent at the same time. ” Nanjing some insurance company is in charge of a personage high to express, birthday danger clerk also can be done produce danger professional work, but must produce risk company to sign procuratorial agreement with this. Signing finally is not this agent in this case guarantee slip, we also have no way is informed her to whether be had produce danger sale qualification, but she has or do not have no matter, she should lose “ not to inform the responsibility of ” according to the facts.
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