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Buy two handcart to beware primary vehicle advocate duty of boat of tax evasion
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The two handcart that “ buys newly, had not left go up to give former car first advocate returned more than 1000 money owe tax. The new car that ” just handled formalities of two handcart change the name of owner in a register cheerfully advocate Mr Zhao, arrived duty Wu place just knows primary vehicle advocate return oneself preliminary a “ largesse ” that did not pay car boat tax for years. Original, primary vehicle advocate the “ Laolai ” that is a car boat duty, owed car boat royalities of 5 years to was not handed in, borrowing change the name of owner in a register “ ” of one end debt also gave new car too advocate Mr Zhao. Bureau of tax of land of abundant stage area reminded yesterday, before the customer that buys two handcart is dealing with change the name of owner in a register, must Xiang Yuan car advocate ask for the relevant pay taxes that spends car boat tax with in former years to prove, lest “ suffers for others ” . Car boat duty does not check in the procedures of change the name of owner in a register that “ has one part taxpayer to know car hand in a circumstance, steal an evade taxation intentionally so, the imposition impute to that did not hand in for years the purchaser of two handcart. The staff member of place of Wu of duty of bureau of tax of land of area of ” abundant stage tells a reporter. As we have learned, the car boat tax that exceed the time limit does not pay besides should fill make tax payment, count according to sluggish accept day even daily with extremely scale makes neat fine for delaying payment. Up to now, the car that there had been 276 cars this year advocate fill to bureau of abundant mesa tax made tax payment of car boat royalities fifty-six thousand six hundred yuan, fine for delaying payment more than yuan 10 thousand, having among them is two handcart car partly quite advocate.

Bureau of tax of land of abundant stage area is this proposal, check increases to see car boat in link of car transfer ownership the proof is handed in related duty, get change the name of owner in a register in order to avoid the person that car boat duty should be handed in not to check the chance of car boat duty, harm the interest of two handcart purchaser. Two handcart primary vehicle advocate if tell purchaser to already handed in the duty, relevant proof that cannot offer pay taxes of car boat tax however, purchaser can want former car of sue for peace advocate taking travel together this, the car boat duty that inquires this car to the any duty Wu of land tax bureau hands in information.

“ defaults car boat duty besides ill will of a few people, car advocate likely also accidentally incur loss through delay of car boat duty hand in. ” occupies land tax bureau staff member introduction, one continuous line serves acceptance of the agency when some people are purchasing new car, the person that buy a car thought to already included car boat tax by accident; Return some taxpayer to think car boat duty is asked for period for annual came in January in March, because this is in,ask for period after passing 4 come to bought new car in December, but primary vehicle advocate did not pay tax. Additional, because illicit car and fair car have the expropriation of respective independence and information system, when because this is become,fair car transfer ownership becomes illicit vehicle, the system shows the ratal of car boat duty of year is before 0, need illicit car purchaser to fill thereby since the day that is made from change the name of owner in a register should duty of accept car boat.
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