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Secondhand treasure comes you do not buy car of accident of Ji of secret of choo
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Regard one steam as the masses once one of strategic models, all the time since treasure will in Chinese car market standing fast it is located the position of fractionize market. The treasure with modelling natural and fluent design will once was alleged to be the full measure car with masses subordinate brand by manufacturer, the newest classic of class A platform, it is as synchronous as international product, it is the leader of contemporary car function and character. But the place that its scene appearance also brought a lot of inconvenience for its, choosing to everybody introduction now secondhand a few places that when treasure comes, should notice.

Appropriate price interval

Like all models, the allowance for depreciation that treasure comes to also is measured by same standard, the two handcart of market of motor-car of two mobile phones evaluate beautiful country division tells a reporter, a treasure comes car allowance for depreciation of the first year is subtractive on the foundation of primary vehicle price probably 15% ~ 20% , year after year of after this value is degressive 5000 yuan of ~ are controlled 6000 yuan, according to what differ car condition is mixed maintain circumstance, the price still can drift up and down a few.

The reporter trades from old motor vehicle the market collects the circumstance that come back to show, treasure of 2 years comes the price that 1.8T blocks a top automatically to match is controlled in 105 thousand yuan, the price that blocks mark automatically to match also needs 90 thousand yuan of above, 3 years 1.8T hand uses the price that blocks standard configuration is 106 thousand yuan, 4 years 1.8T hand is moved block Aldine price to be 112 thousand yuan. Reporter general price to evaluate division to seek advice, inside the limits that evaluates division to express thousands of yuan to the price of above car belongs to on the high side, perhaps be the reason with car better condition. When if standard of hair present price is low bade case interval is a lot of more the following, when buying this car, must notice, this kind of model is to had produced important matter friend almost.

What the attention needs here is the 1.8T engine stop production that old treasure will come to go up hind, brunt engine of Xin Baolai used the 1.8L motor of 5 valve technology, below same situation, the treasure of 1.8T will want to come than the treasure of 1.8 tower above 10 thousand yuan of ~ 15 thousand yuan.

Avoid gives important matter reason

Reason of respecting important matter, a few models are in after giving important matter reason, pass 4S inn or manufacturer rebuild, can resemble basically giving preaccident same. Dan Baolai is different however, this car blame often is afraid of accident reason. Bate of occurrence armor plate, stability issues the Baolaihui that a course repairs demote problem. Because treasure comes the electronic equipment precision of itself is very tall, the repair difficulty after getting hurt is greater also, consider repair good to appear easily also a few indisposition. In addition, the chassis charge for the making of sth. that treasure comes to is very rigorous, after chassis gets hurt, wanting to restore completely is very difficult.
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