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Two handcart choose very exquisite you are fastened by flicker
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Each car has an unique car serial number, most meeting is engraved on the machine, also can appear inside windshield on panel part, perhaps go up in door edge, inside car lid or the place waits inside car end box, if you detect,the serial number of the certain part of two handcart follows the sentence with other different part, this car has gone an accident for certain or be changed his costume or dress, go all out had installed.

In addition a few those who deploy safe gasbag is high-grade and secondhand car, safe when producing an accident gasbag submits an expense account, if reshipment (install formerly especially) price is very high, at every turn thousands of yuan of money, when accordingly business of a lot of two handcart is selling a car flat install no longer, that is to say this important configuration that help is abandoned, and if average person does not dismantle whole plant coming down won't know, still had better look for a professional personage to be checked for you so.

Additionally area of river of Chinese edge river has flood every year, because this can have a few cars every year to be crossed by bleb, generally speaking this kind of car should notice escape is not bought, because this is planted,the electronic circuitry of the car is met very quickly illness 100. So we should notice the following:

1. Want to note water level line. Just think if a car by long bubble is in water, where should its water level line be? In cistern position? Be among the machine? On the seat? Of course, two handcart chamber of commerce as far as possible efface this kind of trace, because this is best,still promote the car to see car bottom.

2. Want to notice the carpet that changes newly and seat skin are covered. Who won't for no reason at all covers carpet and seat skin change completely, try a carpet one horn breaks up to see the old mark below, attentive Wen Yiwen has a mildewy taste.

3. Note rusty mark. Under blanket of inland of the hinge part that examines door, car, the trace that the fixed lock place of the steely part below the seat and spare rusts.

4. Notice the air screen pack of the car. Because can be saved,save, business of a few two handcart also won't change even air screen pack possibly, accordingly you can see air screen pack went up to touch aquatic, spray, small wastepaper to wait.

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