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Through " car framework " identify secondhand accident car
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Whether has a car produced an accident, the degree of the accident how, after the “ hairdressing ” that repairs a factory in the course, average person sees very hard however. Ask us so of 273 trade advisory introducing, how determine the use condition of this car through seeing framework.

Hotspot 1. Spend gently trace remaining part

Spend gently tracing remaining part is one of accidents that often produce in car process, examination whether forereach end gets the forehead proceed with from automobile body. Open hood above all, the brim glue that checks bonnet whether level off, whether does feeling feeling slant soft, if discover glue rough rectify or feeling feeling slants soft, should be repair crosses bonnet.

Hotspot 2. Spend again trace remaining part

The girder of automobile body and a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China are worn is to decide the main source ground that whether happens to spend the accident that trace remaining part again, if discovery has solder interface on girder,affirm this car happening is overweight degree bump. Former plant glue also must be on small case of two on shock absorber state coming back, if be not former plant glue, also be to had happened to chase after end accident, decide the method is Alexandrine. In addition, the rivet on cistern frame all should be beat by the machine go in, material is iron, if discovery is changed,make rivet for aluminium, also can decide cross an accident to happen.

Hotspot 3. To turn over

Want to know to whether had turned over a car very simple, if after to turn over of a car, after repair ends, maintenance technician should do spray paint processing for its for certain again, knock roof ministry, normal circumstance can be particularly clear sound, if because had made paint,sound hair is frowzily, that basically has turned over a car namely.

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