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Take a repairman to help you choose two handcart carefully
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● price is compared more

Two handcart value often has individuation, each car has respective characteristic, differ according to the design of car, car condition, configuration the two handcart value that create is different. The same money model of same a particular year, want “ price to compare much home ” more on the price.

Additional, as a result of the intense competition of car manufacturer, the trend that the car depreciates is inevitable, two handcart price also can be affected, the price that buys two handcart to should observe car is longer more so is fluctuant, a few car that still keep a cost more for long quite suit common people to use very much.

● does not believe odograph
A lot of person “ are absolutely now ” ground thinks, the course of development of car travel is less, the loss of each respect is jumped over certainly small, the integral function of the car is mixed car condition affirmation is better. Actually otherwise, can make through callback car odograph “ Laoche ” changes ” of “ new car. The number that so odograph shows is not the car is true the payoff of car condition, not be the exclusive level that measures two handcart value more.

In the travel course of development that the choose and buy does not believe to odograph shows easily when two handcart, still should see practical car besides with fixed number of year and shown travel course of development whether conform to.

● mights as well take a repairman

In view of now is summer, buying two handcart from time to tome a few item are special need attention. If primary vehicle advocate map petty gain replaces antifreeze with water, easy cause water lukewarm exorbitant and boil, must do good car cistern so clear work and examination antifreeze is eligible.

Whether does the circuit that wants microscope car, oil path appear the circumstance of oil of bate, short circuit, leakage, use the car with longer fixed number of year to have this kind of case easily especially. Never ignore at this o'clock, spend otherwise tens of thousands of even ten bought two handcart are likely in a flash became scrap iron.

The embryo that makes good car tire presses the examination with tread. Because summertime ground temperature is very high, long travel makes tire temperature elevatory, fetal pressing rises, incidental become flat.

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