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Two handcart are low-cost, using also need not worry about overly, it is the friend with limited budget and right without the novice of experience choice. However two handcart markets of domestic are at present non-standard still, good and evil people mixed up, the value that how judges two handcart correctly is an issue that makes a person headache very much.

The value of two handcart is the device damage cost that people often says, commonly used calculation method is “54321 law ” , specific for: Car of false consistent ministry is effective life 300 thousand kilometer, its cent is 5 paragraphs, every paragraphs of 60 thousand kilometer, every paragraphs of value is the 5/15 of new car price, 4/15, 3/15, 2/15, 1/15 according to foreword. Price of hypothesis new car 100 thousand yuan, already travel 120 thousand kilometer, so the value general interest of this car is: 10×(3 2 1)÷15=4 10 thousand yuan.

Mastered this formula to be able to help your substantially know the value of a two handcart, but, different type, different class, different manufacturer is different even the value of the two handcart of color is different, some differences are very big still, must do sufficient homework before buy so, clinch a deal what oneself consider bought model all valence inquiry is fair. Besides the value of a car is as particular as it still car condition is inseparable, when be being bought accordingly besides the friend person of the same trade that should seek a know the business, oneself also must master a few discern the skill of car condition, we introduce 5 kinds of choose and buys for you below the skill of two handcart.

Want to search accident trace. A few two handcart just move after giving important matter reason. Generally speaking, car work onetime capital can behave the forehead in the car, and forehead is the crucial position place such as engine, because this should search the state of forehead particularly carefully. You can observe whether the crossbeam of chassis is symmetrical, the screw of fixed electron fan, cistern has deny open his eyes afresh whether is sealing strip of; windshield balata passed to wait by new outfit. Normally for, accident car had better not be bought, and car is hind and occupied reason scent is right use for the question is not big.

2 should inspect automobile body condition. Cannot be puzzled by the outside place of the car, want to turn patiently a few rounds more round automobile body, observe the rustily condition of dashboard and door lower edge carefully. Generally speaking, just begin the 4th year what the plank of these places is using rustily, rustily more serious specification uses fixed number of year to grow more.

3 should treat engine exterior and locomotive condition. Engine is the “ heart ” of car, the stand or fall of car condition is the actor bad that points to engine state mostly, namely the wear out condition of annulus of cylinder bushing and piston, piston. Generally speaking, the engine with car better condition is started easily, idle fast movement is smooth, all without exception shakes regularly the tail gas that if the tail gas of eduction shows black to show system of circuit of carburettor, high pressure, combustion to have some of problem; eduction,the place such as mat of the carapace end; oil, air cylinder, sparkplug does not have leakage oil, slack, flat; shows blue, demonstrative piston annulus wears away serious, engine oil strings together firebox be caused by.
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