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Comfortable and consummate two handcart also take human body engineering serious
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Car interior is to reflect car to take the main factor that uses comfortable sex. The choose and buy is secondhand car, especially car, to be being decorated inside the car, the detail such as design, adornment should take heart examination particularly, drive in order to make sure place buys car the operation is convenient and agile, interior is decorated reasonable and compact, interior trim find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, overall feeling is very cozy.

Contemporary car takes design of human body engineering seriously very. Before buying a car, sit on driver's seat to feel first take whether comfortable, eye shot to whether be widened, reexamination operating system. If use hand rock steering wheel, fluctuation is not due change uses space. Free travel cannot pass when roll big, steering wheel feel is good, xiang Ling of travel change trains is vivid. Left foot steps use clutch pedal pad, should the feeling is light, agile, without the feeling that sends sluggish of heavy, block, accelerator footplate is cheered want reaction delicacy, time rapid. Crural apply the brake also is a standard with reaction delicacy. Each operating system is used all with conveniently, convenient, not easy generation is operated by accident for the standard.

Whether easy beautiful, colour is decorated inside observation car downy, exterior of dial of seat, safety belt, safe gasbag, appearance is in good condition, wait for injury without damaged, crackle. Change one's costume or dress or add the support features of outfit, answer the safety in driving to operate benefit of all without exception to affect.

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