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Two handcart are evaluated trade to want microscope certificate with change the
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Trade means
Cash: Press convention, after price of general and bilateral negotiate, two handcart business consign the price of 70% , the rest of 3 into will be in find new car advocate hind wait for its to cross an ability to cash.

Consignment: The circumstance of consignment, because quote different meanings is too big between both sides,often be, and both sides yields according to Lidoubuken again, make buy trade cannot undertake, take consignment kind thereby. Trade the expenses with certain to consignment car collection market.

Auction: A few two handcart trade the market can hold an auction to meet regularly normally, car advocate need to pay only clinch a deal the 3% charge of valence can auction car go off with.

Trade directly: Between the friend trade under the counter.


Two handcart evaluate division to be opposite of two handcart evaluate basically have the following projects:

1, test and verify: Pass test and verify to be able to be informed the fundamental general situation of the car, price and circumstance of change the name of owner in a register.

2, program of standard check car: What box of pair of exteriors, odograph, engine, wave, air conditioning, oil path includes to wait here is detailed detect, the use intensity of affirmatory car and have wait without collision. Many projects detect after ending, undertake be assessmented integratedly to car.

3, the collection of the data: Assess replacement value the basis of the price as car, be the same as the car of kind kind for instance, how many fund sells below actual condition, this will become assessment replacement value basis, is not a basis at the outset the price will evaluate. Additional market supply demand relations other a variety of elements also meet those who affect two handcart assess the value.

Trade note

Scrutiny wants before buying old car the following certificate:

1· travel card, Id, registered permanent residence this, whether is affirming person selling a car a car advocate oneself.

Whether does 2· change his costume or dress car. The conform to that checks whether color of number of engine, frame, automobile body is registered with travel card carefully, have deny proper motion to change; of number of engine, frame

3· purchases surtax certificate effective.

4· in those days cost of car boat royalities, maintain a road, year the pay taxes proof such as the ticket and whether to buy insurance.

5· year careful proof. Check this car to whether pass year of careful.

6· maintenance log. If do not have a data to be able to be checked, can by along with travel belt a person that knows a car guards a pass whether does this car have trouble. Anyhow, be sure to keep in mind a bit, gave an issue, should ensure can find responsibility person.

Notice of change the name of owner in a register
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