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Two handcart are evaluated trade to want microscope certificate with change the
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Deal with whole process of change the name of owner in a register of old motor vehicle to must have following procedures:

One, the evidence about car is all ready and significant: Car travel card, purchase surtax card, maintain a road to expend royalities of boat of card, car card, insurance card.

2, about the car advocate data

1· buyers and sellers is an individual, bilateral Id (original) , registered permanent residence this (original) .

2· bargainor is an unit, offer the unit proves and official seal is built on watch of change the name of owner in a register.

3· buyer is an unit, provide unit proof, business license (or card of origanization construction code) Xerox builds watch of official seal, change the name of owner in a register to build official seal; to make up car to must be offerred surely buy a car to invent procedures surely.

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