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Ace is stuck person 6 working procedure that two handcart choose
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Consumer is after car of make choice of, can sign first standard contract and pay a few sincerity gold, before dealing with formalities of all change the name of owner in a register, must not pay take a car. The access of car is different from other consumable, must after the pass with corresponding hold, travel of ability start off.

The two handcart that tall sex price compares, more and more be favorred by consumer. As a result of the complexity of car condition, guide by professional personage undertake essence of life is carried fine choosing is a necessary process.

One. Check card is illuminated seriously. When buying a car, to the car advocate primitive hair freight bill, car purchases Id, car surtax (duty) proof of cost of card of travel of proof, motor vehicle, maintain a road, yearly check proof and insurance policy should check carefully.

2. Fasten credulous odograph. the kilometer number is moved small it is to sell the home people commonly used intrigue, true car besides can understand through checking engine.

3. Whether to go up lacquer is very important: Qi Youmo of automobile body film falls off, new impress of facial Qi Youmo, in vent-pipe, set with the window all around have without redundant spray paint, some words, explaining is face-lifting car.

4. Observe solder contact: Ensure the juncture between door, head, end and automobile body is flowing. If aperture size is differ, line bends, decorate fall off or be a loss, proving this car is accident car.

5. Observe railroad car carefully: In sit part of railroad car of etc of chair, carpet is had abnormal ferruginous or rustily. Bleb passes rustily and serious possible car. Some cars to cover the issue inside railroad car, add the on a few adornment of bright look intentionally to puzzle person.

6. Outside waiting for main part except examination engine, gasoline tank, try advertent water wants when driving lukewarm, engine oil, medicinal powder hot circumstance.

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