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Car danger is not put in fully comprehensive insurance to have rejecting claims
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● earthquake not compensate
Abided by major belongings to be sure not to defend the usual practice of seismic responsibility, after enclothing most natural disaster, in car danger clause also get rid of besides the earthquake. All the time since, insurance company is cautious to all along of seismic risk business. In the absense of data and experience, insurance superintends a branch to also do not encourage insurance company accept insurance.
● spirit loss not compensate
Insurance company lacks what harm in the light of spirit to decide damage level. Major clauses can have similar provision, "Any concerned spirit compensation that because be sure,the accident causes regard responsibility as to absolve. "Any concerned spirit compensation that because be sure,the accident causes regard responsibility as to absolve..
The loss during ● builds a car not compensate
If car is sending,any collision happened during repairing, by the loss such as pilfer, insurance company is met rejecting claims. Repair a factory responsible appropriate maintains car surely.
● becomes flat not compensate
This one clause rises to surface afterwards in the rainstorm last summer. Insurance company thinks, car travel arrives in water, after engine flameout, driver forcibly strike a light just causes damage. The loss is caused.
● crack up of article be gettinged on by the car not compensate
Did not produce car the attaint of other position, it is the circumstance that the wheel damages alone only not compensate.
In the unified provision with original abolish, after implementing personalized new provision, each insurance company does not have an other place to join this one franchise clause, and also did not resemble " glass is alone and broken " create corresponding additional risk euqally.
More " one disaster after another " is, the person is protected and the regulation is returned in safe provision, the wheel damages alone the loss that still includes boss, and the clause of the insurance company such as Pacific Ocean, Hua Tai and earth has not appear this kind of word.
Of course, the accident such as the collision that causes as a result of tire blowout, to turn over, create vehicle the loss of other position, insurance company still is in charge of compensating for.
● did not build a car directly through deciding caustic not compensate
If car by railroad car inside or the article that roof lades is wounded, insurance company is not in charge of compensating for.
● puts the cause trouble person of in full charge ran not compensate
If car is outer ground be or get out of danger, you also should decide caustic to build a car again first, otherwise because cannot determine loss amount,insurance company is met and reject to compensate for.
● car was not lost, tire was lost not compensate
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