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How does the novice open new car to be sure to do?
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Novice start off conserves protect sufficient
Reporter Yu Jiang
Because be a novice,drive new car, the first year ought to as far as possible " conserve protect sufficient " , the following kinds of additional risk are the personage inside course of study casts a place difficult of access that guarantee to plant for Jian of new hand push:
1, rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer. Because be new car, cause burglar easily people " attention " , had better buy so.
2, without danger of fault loss compensation. Cast after protecting this danger to plant, with the pedestrian (a third party) after barge against, if car advocate without duty, but pay for sb and expect to be repaid later cost of rescue medical treatment, funeral expenses, and a third party really insolvent, will be in charge of compensating for by insurance company.
3, glass is alone and broken danger and danger of loss of automobile body nick (company be called by a joint name is " danger of behavior of other ill will " ) . Because car place is inside the village, in case by the person " intended innocently " delimit on a few, can to insurance company claim for compensation.
4, danger of responsibility of the personnel on the car. If oneself and the relatives and friends that often take are cast,had guaranteed a place difficult of access of person accident harm, can not cast protect this additional risk. If do not have, the proposal is cast protect.

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