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Example of compensate of car insurance manage
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A few issues of the attention want when manage compensate is being analysed with particular case below.
(1) accident car is given priority to with repair
Car of a Fu Kang produces accident hitting a car, the car bumps very badly, automobile body is out of shape. Fu Kang is to bear the weight of type automobile body, if automobile body is out of shape, cause the security to the car, maneuverability very big effect. Of insurance company accreditation repair a factory preliminary calm caustic is 35 thousand yuan, give priority to in order to repair.
One of safe action are economic compensation function, compensatory principle is give priority to with repair. In produce insurance postaccident, if car is returned can repair, below the premise that assures to repair quality and safety, apt is given priority to with repairing. If unwarrantable repair quality, should change commonly. From the angle that repairs a factory for, its are to be willing to repair of course, because repair,fittings respect makes a few profit more, repair a factory in a small way especially.
Insurance company is it is the basis that decide caustic with actual loss. If be in,produce collision postaccident, safety belt did not rupture, but safety belt is having an accident reason, its exhaustion limit has exceeded after accepting strong impact, behoove changes, right now car advocate the technology that should offer relevant section proves and detect result, below the circumstance that does not accord with use requirement really in the proof, ability gives change.
(2) gave traffic accident, fair better than compounding
Gave traffic accident, seeking a relationship is not method, perform normal procedure betterer.
A lot of drivers are in after producing traffic accident, be afraid of buckle cent, apt is solved under the counter. Actually, the way that settles through traffic group is close friends a few, at least is a kind of protection to oneself. Bump into the person's accident especially, after striking a person, both sides writes an agreement under the counter, the driver that strikes a person thinks compensate some money, later too smooth, but if be bumped into person henceforth once have a problem, so this agreement is invalid, the responsibility of the person that the person that is stricken still can find out cause trouble.
The child that chief commander of a car rides a bicycle bumped, the policeman also goes the spot, this car advocate go down because of fearing to procrastinate for a long time, with respect to compensate 5 Ga piece money gives opposite party. When its to insurance company claim for compensation when, insurance company thinks compensate pays should have detail: How much does medical treatment expend, how much does delay one's work expend, the bicycle repairs cost how many, result insurance company rejects compensate to pay this pen cash.
Cite an example again: On 4 annulus roadside, intercept of joint defence team member an autocycle, autocycle will not stop, be in advocate when be being pestered with joint defence team member on the road, a car advocate drive to give autocycle driver instigate came, autocycle did not have flameout to contuse joint defence team member again. Joint defence team member confiscated this car at that time advocate travel card and driver's license, autocycle basically tries this car advocate compounding of compensate brushstroke money. Resemble this kind of thing cannot compounding. Because although signed an agreement, return the responsibility that can find out car driver in the future. Besides, the person that is stricken puts forward compounding actively, have a reason certainly. The person that drives motor at that time by intercept of joint defence team member, be about to stop to run again, estimation is to have a problem. After the policeman came, the autocycle that discovers the other side and driver's license do not have a yearly check at all. Below this kind of circumstance, property changed. If at that time compensate brushstroke money, the matter at the back of that says not clear. Because the circumstance at that time is belonged to really,trace remaining part, the police decides: Each build each car, both sides bears coequal responsibility.
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