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Example of compensate of car insurance manage
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In insurance manage compensate, to the different processing of traffic accident means may bring different result. From the point of the example above, if give opposite party money under the counter at that time, insurance company also won't compensate pays. Because be only when traffic trouble removal is proper, insurance company just is met normal compensate pays.
Additional, after the accident just happened, a few hidden trouble may not discover at that time, compounding can bring endless trouble in the future only. Proposal driver is in after producing traffic accident, solve through traffic group as far as possible, although this may be buckled by of short duration car and drive this, formalities is more troublesome, but more advantageous to protecting oneself.
Additional, when be being solved through traffic group, traffic group each loss to the accident, have very specific level, resemble nursing cost of cost, hospitalization expenses, medical treatment have specific level, such losses to reducing insurant have profit. And safe
The company also is regard compensation as in order to hand in the proof of tubal branch the basis.
(Compensate of 3) go ahead of the rest pays existence morality the risk
Some insurance company are applying a kind " compensate of go ahead of the rest pays " system. 1000 yuan of the following claim for compensation ask to need not issue bill,
Pay insurant cash directly. This kind of practice was brought to the client convenient, but existence morality risk. The reparations purpose of insurance company is the car insurant reinstates original state, but " compensate of go ahead of the rest pays " possible short of this purpose. For example, my car bumped, report a case to the security authorities to insurance company next. The place that assumes the car damages wants to repair, need 1000 yuan. If insurance company compensate money without giving thought to, also do not want bill, so a few cars advocate the likelihood was not repaired, after perhaps be in when giving birth to an accident, reappearance is repaired together, perhaps undertake to insurance company again claim for compensation. Insurance is a kind of compensation, is not to yield insurant profit, bill and ability of maintenance detailed list should be issued to submit an expense account when be being repaired beyond place.

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