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Gave car a place difficult of access " 4 paces go " the reliable compensate that
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Now, car advocate danger of a car. Nevertheless, not little after car be or get out of danger car advocate do not know how to use insurance to obtain legitimate reason compensate, some people are not clear about what this compensate pays what to is insurance company even, what insurance company no matter; Some cars advocate when with him the car sends make trouble reason, know only anxious and protect the spot carelessly, do not understand technological process of claim for compensation, the result is in manage to insurance company when compensate special passivity; Some cars advocate as unpleasant as insurance company happening even dispute. Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, we choose a vehicle advocate most the case of be or get out of danger that often encounters, interview the actuary of many insurance company, for the car advocate compensate of manage of be or get out of danger raises a few practical proposals.
Program of claim for compensation
One, report a case to the security authorities should seasonable
Occurrence traffic postaccident, be about to report a case to the security authorities in time above all. Besides reporting a case to the security authorities to traffic management department, report a case to the security authorities in indrawn insurance company of 48 hours even. To home remedy accident, can dial directly report a case to the security authorities phone,
2, calm caustic arrives advocate liability square insurance company
Will tell to bilateral accident, must dial 122 traffic to call the police stage, hold bilateral and respective responsibility by the branch that make a valve, issue relevant responsibility to hold a book; By main responsibility direction insurance company reports a case to the security authorities later, bilateral party decides caustic to insurance company together.
3, the proof should be offerred all ready
The following proof or bill ought to offer after reporting a case to the security authorities: In the guarantee slip original inside period of efficacy; Insurant Id; Be sure via what cross yearly check qualification car travel card; Produce the driver's license that the person drives when the accident, this driver's license must pass year of careful qualification and be in certainly draw model range definitely inside; Belong to road transportation accident, the accident that should offer the branch that make a valve to issue proves; Belong to those who be not road transportation accident, should offer corresponding accident proof; Because of the loss detailed list that the thing produces so and the expense voucher that concern.
4, need to submit only evidence of claim for compensation inside 10 days
After above formalities equipment is neat, can arrive the accept insurance company of insurant or the car that have the qualification that decide caustic specialize in a factory to undertake taking a picture, compensate of calm caustic, manage. All losses are before repair, must by decides caustic this one link, with project of loss of check and ratify and amount. After calm caustic ends, can repair damage car. After trouble removal ends, sheet of claim for compensation card gives inside 10 days insurance company, by reparations of insurance company computation; Next insurance company can inform the reparations that get.
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