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Gave car a place difficult of access " 4 paces go " the reliable compensate that
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Case analysis
Case one
The golf of Ms. Liu (quote; picture) put in the village, the bumper before when taking a car, discovering is accumulated by bedding face cut loiter, cause trouble person already escaped, how to manage to insurance company compensate?
Right way: Requirement village property opens proof of car cut loiter, describe rate of damage of cut loiter place, car in detail,
The time that produces cut loiter and a third party escapes at that time case is belonged to solid, report a case to the security authorities in 48 hours of indrawn insurance company;
Special remind: This kind of circumstance belongs to a third party to escape, car advocate need village property to issue car to be proved by cut loiter, carry drive this, card of travel card, insurance manages to insurance company compensate; Be made clear to responsibility and the accident with all ready formalities, just can be upkeep costs of insurant pay for sb and expect to be repaid later by maintenance, undertake straight compensate.
The concept is analytic: Straight compensate is the upkeep costs that points to car pay with maintenance square knot directly by insurance company, insurant need not pay upkeep costs, after needing to make neat relevant material only, can take away car.
Case 2
Mr Cheng drives normal travel, cycle the youth enters motor-driven driveway, the headlight before creating vehicle loiter of broken, bumper cut, youth leg ministry gets flesh wound, how to sign up for danger claim for compensation?
Right way: Above all, car advocate not alarmed, see cyclist and oneself love car loss circumstance; Next, acknowledge accident responsibility, if be,cycle or the pedestrian is complete duty, should responsibility just is in charge of compensating for, insurance company is compulsory without compensation;
Special remind: Because the place in the accident bears the blame,differ, the liability to pay compensation of insurance company also is different, if be a car advocate complete duty, insurance company is in charge of compensating for, if be pedestrian responsibility, insurance company is not responsible compensation.
If be the traffic accident between car and car, amount of claim for compensation is huge, insurance company asks to arrive when thing both sides sometimes insurance company, returning trouble spot.
Case 3
In car travel process, windshield is attacked to break by slungshot before, cause glass alone damaged, how to insurance company claim for compensation?
Right way: Above all car of be or get out of danger advocate whether is needing to clear up a car car injury, glass is broken also at the same time, if belong to this kind of circumstance to belong to car caustic danger, insurance company has compensatory obligation, car advocate report a case to the security authorities to insurance company can, if be glass merely alone and broken, some insurance company are to cannot give of compensation, unless car advocate cast alone keep glass alone and broken insurance.
Special remind: Car advocate casting when protecting, must notice to see clear provision and insurance project, some of danger is planted is to cast keep fixed money and add give, some are to need those who protect to be cast alone, not when be or get out of danger when ability discovery was not cast protect, after all glass of a windscreen also is the money with not little brushstroke.
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