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Gave car a place difficult of access " 4 paces go " the reliable compensate that
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Case 4
Become flat in car travel, insurance company compensate?
Right way: Above all the car basically is checked become flat to whether cause car other part injury, if have loss, scathing component will get compensate of insurance company manage by car caustic; The alone attaint that if become flat,the tire that cause, steel encircles, insurance company is not to grant to manage of compensate.
Special remind: The traffic accident that if tire becomes flat,causes, collision causes the loss of other vehicle to other vehicle, insurance company can be maintained according to the accident responsibility of traffic accident, wait according to car caustic danger and danger of responsibility of a third party relevant the risk that involves compensate of manage of this traffic accident is planted give manage compensate.
Case 5
The car stops in the village, be fallen by headroom content is bungled sunken together, how to manage to insurance company compensate?
Right way: This kind of circumstance is belonged to but compensate but not of compensate " edge ball " , car advocate perhaps open to atmosphere branch the proof that resembles a circumstance when weather or with newspaper weather forecast was a proof that day, explain weather condition brought about headroom content to fall that day, perhaps proving the object falls is caused by oneself, accident responsibility person is insurant, such insurance company just undertake compensatory to car caustic likely.
Case 6
Car is grabbed by pilfer, and insurant is blamable also, insurant is for instance missing travel card, reserve the key, how to insurance company claim for compensation?
Accurate method: After the accident that lose a car happens, the department of detect of punishment of public security of ground of indrawn be or get out of danger that wants to be in 24 hours reports a case to the security authorities,
Special clew: Car sets in pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, insurant missing travel card, buy a car original bill, car purchases duty surtax proof to increase each times of 0.5% avoid compensate absolutely; Missing car key increases of 5% avoid compensate absolutely, these regulations have in guarantee slip reflect, insurant should read an article carefully.

Also car friend thinks: "Lv of take an examination is reduced hand in strong danger to not have duty compensate pays cost to lead " . Carry out because of what make strong narrow pass, be helpful for traffic accident getting hurt mediumly personnel life gets seasonable cure, the safety that is life provided good safeguard, accident of a lot of traffic gets hurt mediumly personnel can have healthy body afresh, also can let a lot of family no longer misshapen.
Beijing countermeasure
Complete duty square insurance company but first pay for sb and expect to be repaid later 400 yuan
After handing in strong risk system to carry out, appeared do not have in traffic accident duty the person that square beard is cause trouble " rush about " ask for 400 yuan to not have duty compensatory awkwardness. The reporter learns, at present company of risk of 5 main money of Beijing already was planted with respect to this " awkward " reach temporarily agreement -- " complete duty square " insurance company but first pay for sb and expect to be repaid later is not had 400 yuan duty compensation.
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