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Gave car a place difficult of access " 4 paces go " the reliable compensate that
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According to making strong narrow pass manage compensate program sets, produce road transportation postaccident, insurant should report a case to the security authorities to insurance company first, cooperate survey spot, decide caustic for the accident, after car of the other side is repaired, cast the company that protect to receive compensation for its from oneself. This one program is not had mediumly to the accident duty square likewise applicable, this means a car be bumpinged into advocate, in ask for be out of pocket while claim for compensation of the person that cost many time and energy to be cause trouble even. "Below the case that making strong danger policy-holder be cause trouble to just deal with compensation without time and energy really, if accident both sides all is in we 5 firms accept insurance, we will replace a client ' do legwork ' . Without duty the client needs to provide data of concerned claim for compensation only, do not need everywhere ' rush about ' , complete duty the survey that square insurance company will assume both sides, calm caustic and compensation, and pay for sb and expect to be repaid later not prep above 400 yuan without duty compensation, later to without duty cast just protect a company to recover. " a controller of insurance company introduces to the reporter.
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Make strong narrow pass
Hand in strong danger full name to be compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic, it is to be being produced by safety motor-car by insurance company road transportation accident creates a victim (do not include this car personnel and insurant) loss of person casualties, belongings, give inside liability limit of compensation mandatory responsibility is safe. According to relevant provision, hand in strong danger to will pay a circumstance according to the compensate of insurance company after carrying out a year, to active insurance cost cost rate is made adjust. The lawyer thinks: Che Youyou counterpoises to put forward hearing of witnesses to apply for to the meeting that keep watch, and the meeting that keep watch also ought to hold hearing of witnesses.

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