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The pace program that produces claim for compensation of insurance of traffic po
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The first pace signs up for compensate: Produce traffic postaccident, should appropriate protects good spot, report a case to the security authorities in time to insurance company, road surface accident applies for approval door of the Ministry of Communication is handled even at the same time, accident of traffic of blame road surface (because of driving like car the reason bumps on tree or wall) , should by how appoint can issue proof data.
Check and ratify of the 2nd pace: 1, insurance company is received after reporting a case to the security authorities, meeting group person arrives spot reconnaissance or understand situation of be or get out of danger to door of the Ministry of Communication, undertake deciding caustic to car at the same time, estimation is reasonable charge, inform a car advocate repair a factory to handle accident traffic to what insurance company appoints. If the car basically begs proper motion to repair, should deal with self-educated formalities, repair Fei Ruchao to give the cost that decide caustic, will by the car advocate pay the fee that exceeds a share by oneself. 2, the claim for compensation to responsibility of a third party, still answer to be decided lawfully to indemnity by insurance company, and the basis is cast protect amount to give compensate pays. To protecting door talk about decided indemnity under the counter with a third party, insurance company can reject compensate to pay.

Compensate of the 3rd pace pays a regulation: Total loss. 1, after insurance car produces total loss, if be sure,amount is equal to or under be or get out of danger the real value at that time, will press insurance amount of compensation. 2, after insurance car produces total loss, if be sure be or get out of danger of amount prep above the real value at that time, the real value compensation when pressing be or get out of danger.

Loss of share of the 4th pace: 1, insurance traffic is local suffer lose, its insurance amount reachs the real value when accept insurance, no matter be sure amount whether the real value under be or get out of danger, produce partial loss all according to repair charge compensation actually; The insurance amount of insurance car the real value under accept insurance, produce partial loss to repair charge according to the compensation of real value scale when insurance amount and be or get out of danger.

2, insurance car loss is highest compensate for the forehead with insurance amount in the limit of.

3, insurance car is compensated for by total loss or reparations is equal to partial loss when insurance amount whole amount, liability of car losing insurance is stopped all right namely, but insurance car is when insurance period of efficacy, happen no matter or be sure for many times the loss inside extent of liability or expense, should compensate for every time only did not reach insurance amount, its insurance liability still effective.

4, the leftover part after insurance car produces insurance accident to suffer total loss, should negotiate evaluate to put in insurant 's charge, deduct in compensation.
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